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Life changing reasons to declutter and live with less

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If you’re looking for reasons to declutter then we’ve got you covered!

I hold my hands up – mess drives me crazy! I hate mess, chaos and disorganisation, in fact I’d go as far as to say that decluttering your home and living with less can actually be liberating and life changing!

I honestly believe that having a tidy, organised home is just a whole lot more relaxing, better for my mental health and makes life so much easier!

Reasons To Declutter

1 – Space

Well obviously if you declutter your home, office or life you’ll have more space.

More space is a good thing, there’s a sense of airiness and freedom that comes with it.

The space really makes me want to throw open windows and get fresh air blowing through the house and that makes me feel happier and more productive. It’s just a nicer environment to be in.

You can use your space more productively and creatively. Always wanted a yoga or meditation area – declutter your home and make that space happen.

Want space to display your most treasured possessions – clear that shelf and make it happen.

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Or maybe you’d just love your clothes to fit in the wardrobes without tumbling out every time you open the door? Declutter, organise and your clothes will fit!

See, space is a good thing

2 – Gain A Sense Of What’s Important

Just the simple act of going through my belongings and working out what I actually want to keep and what just isn’t necessary all helps me to gain a sense of what’s actually important to me.

And sorting out and getting rid of items that are just cluttering up my home and life feels really good.

It feels liberating to get rid of unnecessary things. 

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3 – Easier Life – Reasons To Declutter

Less clutter equals less stress, life is calmer and more organised and I gain more time.

I no longer waste time searching for things, hunting through piles for missing items. Life is just easier!

It even takes less time to clean as there’s less things to move, so I gain even more time.

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An easier life is most definitely a good thing! 

4 – Appreciation And Gratitude – Reasons To Declutter

Having less and actually wanting what I have means I appreciate things more.

I notice them and am grateful for them. This feels good.

Gratitude is good for the soul. 

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5 – Feeling And Sense Of Wellbeing And Happiness

Decluttering and a sense of organisation and order make me happy.

It gives me a great sense of wellbeing, I feel on top of my life, things are easier, there’s less stress, less fuss, I gain time to do the things I actually love doing and I’m better able to focus and deal with areas of my life which cause me stress.

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Yes. Decluttering is genuinely a good thing! 

If you’re new to decluttering – ease in gently with our Declutter Challenge one day, one thing.

It’s easy and will really kick off your new organised lifestyle. And if you want to spend more time on the challenge, then do it – set yourself a longer time scale, there’s no pressure.

Decluttering can be a really positive thing to boost mental health.

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