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Lifewit Cooler Bag Review

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Advertisement Feature & Review – Cooler Bag from Lifewit

With picnic season in full swing we’ve been trying out the stylish cooler bag from Lifewit. A super well designed food cooler bag that makes packing a picnic a total breeze!

Okay, we can’t be the only ones who just LOVE packing up lunch and heading out to the countryside, beach or park to eat.

Picnics are just so effortless and fun. The Lifewit cooler bag makes packing up a total picnic feast an absolute cinch. With it’s clever design and well through out storage space. This is the only picnic cooler bag you’ll ever need!  

lifewit cooler bag being carried using the shoulder strap option

Lifewit Cooler Bag

We’re just going to run you through our favourite bits of the picnic bag and why it’s just so perfect for picnics!

  • Great colour and stylish design – we really like the dark, sleek design of the cooler food bag. As well as the black we’ve featured you can also buy this in a grey colour. The darker colours mean you can picnic all year around and a few mud splats won’t matter!
  • Choice of strap options – you can carry the insulated bag using the comfortable shoulder strap or alternatively carry by hand – the choice is yours.
lifewit cooler bag being carried using the hand held handles option
  • Sections and compartments – we love that the bag is divided into two large main sections – along with several separate pockets. All super useful and a great size for a family picnic.
lifewit cooler bag filled with Joseph Joseph Tupperware boxes with picnic food in them

Plenty of room to really pack a great picnic, nobody will be hungry with all this well designed cooler bag space!

The exterior pockets are great for storing and holding things like wet wipes, mobile phone, cutlery, rubbish bags, napkins or any other little extras you need.

  • Bottle opener – no need to worry about forgetting the bottle opener with this picnic bag, it comes complete with one attached! The top pocket of the cooler bag is also big enough to hold two bottles of wine!

You can buy the Lifewit Cooler Bag from Amazon in various sizes to suit your needs – priced from £22

How To Pack Your Insulated Bag

Packing your picnic to keep it fresh and tasty is simple with our easy picnic packing tips!

  • Freeze your ice packs for at least 24 hours prior to packing your picnic food – that way they’ll stay icy cold for longer.
  • Make sure that drinks are chilled for several hours in the fridge prior to packing, not only does it help the drinks to stay chilled but it also helps keep food cold too.
  • Pack salad dressings separately – so you can add and toss just before serving, this stops salads getting soggy whilst being transported.
lifewit cooler bag filled with Joseph Joseph Tupperware boxes with picnic food in them

Easy Picnic Food Ideas To Pack In Your Cooler Bag

Fancy a delicious picnic? Cut yourself some slack and pick up some tasty ready to eat bits from the supermarket – a selection from our favourites below is always a good thing!

Skip the sandwiches and go for a delicious selection of picky bits! Everyone loves a picky bits picnic!

  • Mini Sausage Rolls
  • Mini Pork Pies
  • Mini Cheese and Onion Rolls
  • Spanish Tortilla
  • Pasta Salad
  • Marinated Olives
  • Hummus And Crudites
  • Fresh Berries
  • Melon Slices
  • Posh Crisps

And, there’s also plenty of room for wine, beer or cans of drink in the insulated bag, so if packed with ice packs they’ll keep super chilled.

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