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Lola’s Coffee Bags Review

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Advertisement Feature & Review for Lola’s Coffee Bags

Move over tea bags and let the coffee bags into the cups! Yes, all the flavour of lovely real, freshly brewed, rich coffee but in a bag!

The Speciality Coffee Company sent over some Lola’s coffee bags for me to try out – now as you know I do LOVE my coffee.

I literally can’t start my day until I’m one coffee down and have a fresh one in the cup for me to savour!

And, because I don’t really like instant coffee – I find the taste too weak, I’d actually never thought about trying coffee bags before – I think I assumed they wouldn’t deliver the same deep, rich flavour that a freshly made whole bean coffee delivers.

But guess what? They DID!

cup of black coffee in a yellow cup and saucer made with Lola's coffee bags

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee With Coffee Bags

Coffee Brewing Instructions

  1. Get the kettle on!
  2. Grab your favourite mug or cup from the cupboard and tear open one of the coffee bag sachets.
  3. Drop the coffee bag into the mug and pour over the boiling water.
  4. Give the bag a stir and a squeeze using a spoon – swirl it around the mug so that it really starts to release it’s flavours.
  5. Then leave the coffee to brew in the mug for around 3-5 minutes.
  6. Give the bag another little squeeze against the side of the mug using a teaspoon and then remove it from the cup.
  7. Then feel free to add your chosen dairy or plant based milk or cream.
Lola's coffee bags steeping in boiling water, being stirred by a silver spoon

How to Make Great Iced Coffee

You can use the coffee bags to make a delicious iced coffee too, that’s great for busy mornings when you need to be out of the door fast!

Simply brew the coffee using the bag and boiling water as before. Then allow the coffee to cool down to room temperature before popping in the fridge overnight.

Then in the morning – grab your bottle, stuff in some ice cubes, pour over the coffee and add a splash of milk. I like to add just a dash of cinnamon too – it tastes so good!

Lola's coffee bags with coffee beans scattered amongst the cups and saucers

Lola’s Coffee Bags

Each individually wrapped sachet contains a single serve coffee. The sachet keeps the coffee fresh and super convenient to use.

The coffee is not only great for stashing in your handbag so you can drink really nicely brewed coffee at work. But I think they’d be a great option for B&B’s or hotels too.

The Coffee Blend is Sumatra Gayo, Brazilian Arabica, and Indian Robusta

The coffee is a lovely rich blend with notes of smoke and black pepper and it delivers a nice high caffeine content which is just what I need in the mornings!

Essentially Lola’s House Blend coffee bags are really convenient, easy to brew, great cups of coffee!

The Speciality Coffee Company

The Speciality Coffee Company make it their mission to seek out great coffee from across the globe, selecting only the finest coffee beans to go into their blends.

They make great coffee their business – check out their brewing guides here for the perfect coffee every time however you like to make your coffee – cold brew, French press, Moka pot or aero press.

Hey! Need Some Cake With That?

You really can’t go wrong with a great cup of coffee and a lovely cake can you?

lemon and poppy seed scones on a white plate next to pot of clotted cream and lemon curd - one scone split open and spread with lemon cured and clotted cream ready to eat

Our lemon and poppy seed scones with clotted cream and lemon curd go just PERFECTLY alongside a great cup of coffee.

Where Can I Buy Lola’s Coffee Bags?

You can buy direct from The Speciality Coffee Company website here – with prices working out at only 33p a cup when buying a case!

Disclosure – advertisement feature for The Speciality Coffee Company – for full details of my disclosure policy please read here