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Lolly Stick Leaf Butterfly Craft

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We just love these cute little lolly stick butterflies! So simple to make just using leaves and sprigs of herbs or twigs. This is a great craft for younger kids.

What you need to make lolly stick butterflies 
  • 2 lolly sticks 
  • glue
  • leaves and twigs
  • glitter paint
  • felt tip pen
  • ribbon
How to make lolly stick butterflies 
  • Glue your leaves in a wing shape onto one of the lolly sticksbutterfly made from lolly sticks and leaves
  • Glue the other lolly stick on topbutterfly made from lolly sticks and leaves
  • Draw on a face
  • Add glitter to the wings butterfly made from lolly sticks and leaves
  • Add little sprigs to be the antennae 
  • Tie your sticks with a bow to decorate if you wish

butterfly made from lolly sticks and leaves

Make more of your butterfly craft
  • Try out different bugs or creatures
  • Use them to make little pop up puppet shows
  • Decorate them more ornately and use them to decorate plant pots or hang from trees. 

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