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Make a LEGO Father’s Day Card

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How to make a LEGO father's day card, homemade father's day card ideas for kids, kids LEGO crafts

A homemade father’s day card that’s super cute and one kids will love making! Our LEGO father’s day card is easy to make and you can make it as simple or complicated as you like.

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If you’ve got kids you’ve probably got box upon box of LEGO so get rummaging around and find some great pieces to use for the card.

What you need to make a LEGO father’s day card
  • A base board – this can be a little one or as big as you like.
  • Selection of LEGO pieces, shapes, tiles and bits to spell out the word Dad.
How to make a LEGO father’s day card
  • Put down your base board and get busy creating the word Dad with all your LEGO pieces.
Make more of your LEGO father’s day card project

We used the card just as it is, because, well just look at that proud face! He made the card and he loves it as it is, but you can go further with your card and add more to it. That’s the beauty of LEGO it’s easy for the kids to use their imagination and create bigger, wilder creations. 

  • Try making the card bigger on a big base board.
  • Add a some hanging hooks and string or LEGO string/hose piece so the LEGO father’s day card can be kept and hung on the wall as a little keepsake memory. 
  • Add hinges and a back base board so you can add love and your child’s name inside. 

How to make a LEGO father's day card, homemade father's day card ideas for kids, kids LEGO crafts



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