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Make a mud pie target shot

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There’s not much better in life than mixing up a good batch of mud pies, especially when you’re only five years old and about to play mud pie target shot.

To throw together (literally) your own mud pie target shot, you’ll just need a handful of things…

  • a big fence or wall
  • some chalk
  • a bucket or small pot
  • a big spoon or small spade
  • mud
How to play mud pie target shot
  • draw 3 circles onto the fence a 50, 20 and 10 point scoring area.
  • mix up your mud, make a nice thick mud pie, nothing too wet or sloppy or you’ll not get a good stick, you’ll get splatter….
  • throw your mud at the target
  • add up the scores to see who wins
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We love this game, it’s pretty much free, really easy, fun and totally messy! Enjoy!

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