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Make an Easy Halloween Tree

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Make Halloween at home extra creepy with our step by step instructions for creating your own DIY Halloween Tree along with cute little homemade Halloween tree ornaments.

If you’re decorating the house for Halloween then get the kids to make a creepy Halloween tree.

They’re easy to make and you can go wild with your Halloween tree ideas, hanging DIY Halloween tree ornaments, covering them in spiders web or whatever takes your fancy.

What you need to make a Halloween tree

For the Halloween tree craft you will need…

  • black card (if you’re making lots of decorations you’ll need around 10-15 sheets – depending on the size of your tree)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloured acetate – we used purple, but green, black or orange all look good too.
  • black cotton
  • twigs – go out for a nature walk or just into the garden and find fallen twigs or cuttings.
  • jar to hold the twigs
  • paint – this is optional, you can paint your twigs or just leave them plain, when I paint them I tend to do them black, white or purple. A white Halloween tree decorated with white ghosts, white lights and white cobwebs looks super creepy!
  • fairy lights and cobwebbing optional 
DIY Halloween tree made from painted twigs and decorated in homemade halloween tree decorations in the shape of ghosts made with purple cellophane. halloween tree is by a decorated pumpkin.

How to make a DIY Halloween tree

It’s super easy to make a creepy Halloween tree – you could make a mini Halloween tree to use as a table top decoration or go all out and make the biggest BEST Halloween tree with branches!  

DIY halloween tree made from twigs in a jar, wrapped in cobwebbing, Halloween fairy lights and homemade Halloween tree ornaments
  • Gather together the foraged twigs or branches.
  • If you’re panting them do this now and then leave to dry.
  • Arrange the twigs into a jar.
  • Decorate the Halloween tree with homemade halloween tree ornaments (see below), spooky fairy lights and fake cobwebs.

How to make Halloween tree decorations

  • Fold the black card in half so white side is on outside.
  • Draw the shape of a ghost or a bat onto the white side of the card.
making Halloween tree decorations - ghosts cut out of cardboard
  • Draw a border around your original ghost/bat shape leaving around a 1-2cm gap.
halloween tree decorations drawn onto card ready to cut out
  • Ensure the card stays doubled up – cut out the shape of the ghost (including the middles) so that you end up with two ghost/bat outlines.
ghost halloween decorations cut out of black cardboard
  • Lay the ghost onto the table surface (white side up) then spread glue onto the ghost outline and stick the coloured acetate on top.
ghost halloween tree decorations made from black card and purple acetate
  • Stick the other ghost outline on top.
ghost halloween tree decorations made from black card and purple acetate
  • Trim off the extra acetate so that you’re left with little ghosts.
ghost halloween tree decorations made from black card and purple acetate
  • Thread the little ornaments with black cotton and hang them from the creepy Halloween tree.
witches broom decorated with spooky charms next to homemade Halloween tree decorations made from black cardboard and purple acetate

How can I decorate my Halloween tree?

You can use a combination of the little homemade ghost and bat decorations, throw on some Halloween themed fairy lights and pull over some of the fake cobwebs – this will create a really spooky atmospheric Halloween tree.

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More DIY Halloween Decorations for Kids to Make

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  • Make your own magic wand – your little witches and wizards will love this Halloween craft making their own magic wands.

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