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Make your own peppermint pillow spray

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How to make your own relaxing peppermint pillow spray

The fresh clean smell of peppermint is perfect as a pillow spray, known for it’s stress busting properties, it’s ability to help clarity of mind and of course relaxation.

Just what could be better for misting your pillow with in the evening?

You can either make the peppermint pillow mist purely peppermint or blend it with additional essential oils.

I prefer the pure scent but it’s also divine blended with nutmeg oil or eucalyptus which is one I tend to use if I’m coming down with a cold or feeling a little congested.

I love the smell of peppermint misted pillows it definitely helps me to relax and sleep well.

Just the fresh, relaxing feeling of walking into a well aired bedroom at night, with a breeze drifting in through the windows which I’ve left ajar and the smell of peppermint is perfect.

Peppermint essential oil is a good oil to have in at home, not only is it great for our pillow spray but you can also use it for soothing sore muscles, soothing sickness, reduce itchy bug bites and to ease headaches.

You can get more uses of peppermint oil here.

What you need to make peppermint pillow spray

  • small pump action spray bottle – (one that holds around 200-250ml) You can re-purpose one, well washed out and rinsed or you can pick them up quite cheaply in shops.
  • water – I use water which I’ve boiled and then cooled.
  • peppermint essential oil – plus other essential oils to blend if you wish

How to make peppermint pillow spray

  • fill the bottle with cold water almost to the top.
  • add just 4 drops of your peppermint oil and a further 2 drops of nutmeg or eucalyptus if you’re using them too.
  • fasten the lid securely and shake well.
  • Shake before each use also.

How to use peppermint pillow mist 

cast iron bedstead made up with pale grey striped duvet and pale blue woollen pillows, purple shell heart hanging from the bed post. - next to the bed is an oak bedside table from Loaf with a white and blue spotted lamp from Laura Ashley alongside a Diptyque mimosa canldle
  • Shake well to mix the oils into the water.
  • Lightly mist your pillow – spritz the whole pillow holding the bottle around 50cm away so a fine mist falls onto the fabric. I usually do this around an hour before I’m planning on going to bed. Honestly, it’ll make your bedroom smell just gorgeous.
  • You might also like to use this as a natural room spray too – it’s particularly good used in bathrooms.

Take care if using the spray on expensive fabric or upholstery and always do a tiny test patch out of sight first – I’m happy to use these homemade sprays in my home and they’ve caused no damage but if you’re worried about stains or marks then exercise caution.

Where to buy essential oils

Essential oils are really wildly available now and you can buy the popular ones at most chemist shops even the little local chemists or order online from places like Amazon, Superdrug or Neal’s Yard.

More homemade essential oil spray recipes to try

I really enjoy mixing up my own scented sprays – I like that they’re natural and contain no nasty chemicals.

Two of my favourite homemade essentials oil spray recipes – Natural Room Spray and Lavender Linen Spray are super easy to make and smell absolutely lovely.

  • Lavender Linen Spray – the perfect spray for spritzing on bedding as you put it away in the cupboard. That way the bedding smells gorgeous and so does the airing cupboard when you open it.
  • Autumn Simmer Pot – fill your home with the scent of autumn with our beautiful, all natural simmer pot recipe.

*Health Caution*

When using natural essential oils it’s important to note that some natural essential oils are contraindicated  for use with certain health conditions and pregnancy.

Always check before you use them and if in doubt consult a qualified aromatherapist. 

Always store essential oils and homemade pillow spray out of reach of children and pets. For more about side effects of using peppermint oil read here.

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