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Milk bottle watering can

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How to make a super easy milk bottle watering can with the kids in minutes – simple gardening activity for kids

How to make a milk bottle watering can

Pre-school children just love making these and totally love using them to help out in the garden. You can make these using any size of plastic milk bottle you like – although the 1 pint bottles work best for younger children as they’re not as heavy to hold. 

What you need to make a milk bottle watering can

  • empty plastic milk bottle with a screw on lid.
  • stickers if you’re decorating – older kids might prefer to use washi tape
  • sharp skewer/pen knife
  • water
toddler watering garden with a homemade milk bottle watering can

How to make a milk bottle watering can

  • We gave the bottle a wash and removed the label.
  • Decorated the bottle with stickers. It’s best if you use the plastic stickers rather than paper then they stay waterproof. 
  • Made little water holes in the milk bottle lid with a pen knife.
  • Filled with water.
  • Then went off into the garden to water everything in the world!
how to make milk bottle watering cans, quick gardening activity for kids

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