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Mind Designer Robot Review

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MIND is a cute, clever little programmable robot, this STEM toy is a brilliant introduction to coding for kids.

A great educational toy with plenty of scope for starting off simple and growing into the more complex coding and play settings.

boy holding the Mind Designer Robot box
What’s in the MIND Designer Robot Box 
contents inside the Mind Designer Robot box
  • MIND – the robot
  • A folded double sided play board – with a yellow board on one side and blue board on the other (for use withe the EDU mode)
  • 3 coloured washable felt tip pens
  • 10 sheets of A3 paper
  • List of voice commands on a pull out card
  • Instruction manual 
Extras you will you need to play with MIND robot
Mind Designer Robot on a grey table
  • 4 AA batteries 
  • Smart device with operating system ANDROID 4.4 or later or iOS iPhone 4s or later models, iPad4 or later models or FIRE OS compatible wit Fire, Fire HD and Fire HDX models, version 2013 or subsequent. Device must also be equipped with Bluetooth low energy. 
How to play with MIND robot

MIND can be used in three settings…. and don’t forget you can also use voice control to activate your robot too! 

  • FREE – Free Mode
  • EDU – Educational Mode
  • APP – App Mode

We’d have to say start with the Free Mode and get used to programming the robot, in this mode we got used to controlling MIND – trying out simple commands – working out how to use it and playing with the drawing facility. 

Then move onto the EDU Mode and get the game boards out to play with. The games start off at an easy level and we used voice commands to programme MIND – check out the little Instagram video below to see how simple it is.

My kids liked the Number Challenge board more than the Robotic Maze but that’s because they love maths!  You just need to be sure to speak clearly to MIND so it picks up what your instructions are. 

Once you’ve downloaded the MIND Designer app you can play in the App mode and do all the coding and programming via the app then set MIND off to follow your instructions.

In our mini Instagram video the kids have programmed MIND to draw a house.
What we loved about the MIND robot
  • It’s simple to use and the instructions are straight forward.
  • It gets kids effortlessly playing in an educational way.
  • We loved that it was multifunctional – and could be used just as a moveable robot, to draw with and also for educational games.
  • We loved that you could use the iPad and app to unlock more functionality.
  • Great price point (around £50 depending on retailer) – making it an affordable educational toy. 
  • We loved the voice control option.
Where can I buy the MIND robot?

Head over to Smyths Toys you can pick one up for £49.99. 

Disclosure – the MIND robot was sent over free of charge for review – for full details of our disclosure policy please read here

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boy making blue plasticine with the Slimy Laboratory kit

For full details of my disclosure policy please read here.

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