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My Easy Housework Routine

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An easy housework routine split into daily, weekly and monthly chores to help you keep the house clean, organised and great to be in! Grab all our cleaning plan printables here.

Housework Routine

If you want to live in a clean and organised house then… you’re really going to have to clean and organise it.

Getting into a housework routine may sound really boring but once you’re into it everything seems easier.

The house stays tidy and clean and you keep on top of the clutter and chaos. It ends up saving time in the long run – honestly!

Being a working mum and having young kids I need things to be clean, tidy and organised.

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I need to know where things are, have things ready on time and be generally organised so our lives don’t end up chaotic.

When I’m really short on time I will just set a timer for a certain amount of minutes and just get stuck in.

I often delegate jobs to the kids too and get as much done as possible, just to keep on top of life!

Plus helping out with housework is a good things for kids to do, it teaches them life skills!

You can read more about suitable kids chores here – honestly! You really want them helping out!

I divide my cleaning plan and housework into

  • Daily chores
  • Weekly chores
  • Monthly chores

I add to that a good spring clean around March/April time and a pre-Christmas clean around mid November and this just keeps the everything ticking over and nicely organised.

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Easy Housework Routine

A printable housework routine timetable split into daily, weekly and monthly chores

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Daily Housework Checklist – Housework Routine

Okay these are the things I try to get through everyday – some days it doesn’t work out as I run out of time.

But because I stick to the chores the majority of the time, things stay tidy and clean. This is a cleaning plan that really works for me.

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Daily cleaning plan – housework routine

  • Make beds
  • Quick clean of the bathroom – toilets, sinks and bath/shower.
  • Wipe down the kitchen work tops
  • Clean the kitchen sink
  • At least one load of laundry (washed, dried, ironed, put away)
  • Hoover downstairs (dogs and kids mean I need to do this every day)
  • Wash dishes & wipe down dining table after every meal.
  • Wipe any handprints off windows and doors.
  • A quick tidy up of clutter before putting kids into bed.
  • Take our rubbish and recycling

Once you’re in the swing of things this honestly doesn’t take too long and the main bulk of it I do before the kids even leave for school.

Get the daily housework checklist printable here

Weekly Housework Checklist

Weekly I tackle a deeper clean of rooms, but again once your on top of this it takes less and less time as things tend to stay a whole lot cleaner so it’s quicker to clean.

Weekly Cleaning – Housework Routine

Monday – cleaning plan

  • Daily chores

Tuesday – cleaning plan

  • Daily chores

Wednesday – cleaning plan

  • Daily chores

Thursday – cleaning plan

  • Daily chores
  • Mop downstairs

Friday – cleaning plan

  • Daily chores
  • Clean fridge

Saturday – cleaning plan

  • Daily chores
  • Food and household shopping

Sunday – cleaning plan

  • Daily chores

I may not do the daily chores every single day, but I do try to fit them in most days, then if I miss a day it doesn’t matter.

I don’t get bogged down with chores, I just use it as a guide.

If things don’t need cleaning then skip it until the next time.

Monthly Housework Checklist – Housework Routine

Monthly there’s a handful of bigger cleaning chores I tackle like…

  • Clean windows inside
  • Clean windows outside
  • Clean front door, house number and outside light
  • Wipe down blinds
  • Vacuum behind large appliances

Get the monthly housework chores printable here

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Housework Organiser

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List Of Cleaning Supplies Every Household Needs!

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Keeping your cleaning cupboard well stocked just means cleaning up is easier!

You’ll always be prepared for whatever cleaning job you need to do and by getting the list and keeping on top of things, life is easier.

printable list of cleaning cupboard essentials

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Hey – we hope you find the cleaning routine helpful and don’t forget to tag us your before and after cleaning photos on Twitter @daisiesandpieUK or Instagram @daisiesandpie

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