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My Feel Good Summer Morning Routine

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My summer morning routine and it’s one that really boosts my mood and makes me way more energised, productive and efficient!

Now I love the summer, I love the fact it gets light really early.

It really makes me happy that the birds sing from about 3am onwards and I love to make the most of the light mornings.

Feeling good is definitely easier in the summer. 

I’ve kinda naturally eased into a really feel good summer morning routine.

And it’s leaving me feeling uplifted, happy and totally ready for my day.

So here’s a run-through of my mornings. 

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Summer Morning Routine

5:30am – get up

I know 5:30 sounds really early but it’s just the time I naturally wake up so I don’t even need to set the alarm.

I’ve stopped procrastinating when I wake up. I’ve stopped flicking through social media in bed and instead I get straight up. I drink a full glass of water and take my thyroid meds (for hypothyroidism).

These work best for me if I take them around an hour before I eat, or drink coffee, I think my body absorbs them better and so they work better.

5:40am – 5:50am – hula hooping!

First up I do one of my hula hooping sessions. I do two sessions of hula hooping. The first 10 minute session I do in the morning just to get it out of the way.

It’s definitely think it’s helping to tone my stomach muscles and thighs. I use a weighted exercise hoop for this.

And I always do it outside! Yes in my PJs and, even if it’s raining because I just think it really wakes me up and makes me feel energised!

5:50am – 6:20am  – shower & dressed

Grabbing  shower and getting dressed prior to the kids getting out of bed really helps me to keep on top of my day and just feel ‘ready’.

6:20am – 6:30am – meditation & coffee

I’m not sure if you’re supposed to mix meditation with coffee, but I guess there’s no rules, you should just do what feels good for you.

If it’s sunny I do this in the garden, just sipping my coffee, I do run over a little mantra in my head, it’s not always the same thing but it always has the same theme.

Generally a “you can do this” type of a theme. (I also think this helps psych me up for the chaos that happens when the kids get up…) 

6:30 – 7.00am – breakfast and sort out the kids 

I do quick breakfast and always include fruit. I get the kids up and sort out their breakfasts and help the youngest to get ready for school. 

7.00am – 8.00am – housework 

Firstly I do the smallest boys reading book with him – kids read way better in the morning than they ever do after school or in the evenings. It just makes the whole thing easy!

Then I do a mad dash around the house and get all the daily housework done so that when I get home from the school run later the house is tidy, clean and feels good to come home to. 

So that’s it! My feel good morning routine that really energises me and sets me up in a good mood for the day.

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