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National Vegetarian Week 2023 – A 7-Day Meal Plan!

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If you’re looking for inspiration for National Vegetarian Week, look no further! Our 7 day meal plan is packed with delicious vegetarian recipes to help you celebrate the week in style.

Eat your way through National Vegetarian Week deliciously with our easy meal plan. It has everything from hearty main courses to tasty side dishes and we’ve even thrown in some desserts. It’s everything you need to eat well and enjoy the week!

National Vegetarian Week 2023 is from 15th – 21st May, so there’s plenty of time to stock up on the ingredients to cook up a veggie feast! Find out more over at the Vegetarian Society.

7 Easy Dinner Recipes For National Vegetarian Week

Monday – Easy Bean Burgers

four bean burgers with plant based sweet potato and kidney bean patties, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and relish on them. Served in a rectangle tray with air fryer potato wedges and pot of guacamole for national vegetarian week

Try out our delicious homemade easy bean burgers. These plant-based patties are a tasty combo of sweet potato, kidney beans and spiced onions.

Squish them into burger buns with fresh salad, your favourite toppings and serve with wedges and chunky guacamole on the side. The perfect way to kick of National Vegetarian Week.

Get the Bean Burger recipe here

Tuesday – Butternut Squash Chilli

butternut squash chilli veggie chilli recipe served with side dishes of coriander, avocado chunks, yogurt, sliced chillies, blue corn tortillas and grated cheese for national vegetarian week

If you’ve been searching for a delicious vegetarian chilli recipe, then stop looking, you’ve found it! Give our fantastic chipotle butternut squash chilli recipe a try this National Vegetarian Week.

This veg chilli is loaded with squash, peppers and protein packed black beans. We’d suggest adding a side of cheesy nachos for scooping and dipping, you’ll not regret it!

Get the Butternut Squash Chilli recipe here

Wednesday – Tomato Pasta Bake For National Vegetarian Week

family meal idea cheese and tomato pasta bake fresh from the grill

Pasta bake is total midweek comfort food. You can serve this easy family meal with garlic bread slices, buttery corn cobs and a garden salad.

Best of all our tomato pasta bake recipe is easy, cheesy and cheap to make!

Get the Tomato Pasta Bake recipe here.

Thursday – Vegetarian Fajitas

vegetarian fajita mixture in a pan, alongside corn tortilla wraps, grated cheddar cheese, avocado chunks and sour cream.

The whole family can enjoy this easy vegetarian fajitas recipe this National Vegetarian Week!

It’s super easy to make, super fun to share and eat together around the table. And it’s loaded with fresh veggies. Just add in all your favourite fajita toppings – cheese, guacamole, salsa or salads and dig in.

Get the Vegetarian Fajita recipe here.

Friday – Vegetable Curry For National Vegetarian Week

mixed vegetable curry in a black pan served alongside naan bread, mango chutney and Indian mint sauce

Make Friday night curry night with this ridiculously easy vegetable curry recipe! We use frozen veggies and tinned potatoes to throw together a quick, delicious low cost curry.

Serve with naan breads, mango chutney and Indian mint sauce on the side. A total money saver compared to ordering take-away!

Get the Mixed Vegetable Curry recipe here.

Saturday – Naan Bread Pizza

vegetarian naan bread pizza topped with loads of melted cheese, mushrooms and caramelised onions served on wooden boards lined with brown baking paper

Use shop bought naan breads for the pizza bases in our delicious cheesy caramelised onion and mushroom pizzas.

You can have these ready to eat in just minutes, and add on any extra vegetarian pizza toppings you like.

Get the Naan Bread Pizza recipe here.

Sunday – Cheese And Onion Pie For National Vegetarian Week

homemade cheese and onion pie on a wooden serving board next to a pot of Ploughman's chutney

Our cheese and onion puff pastry pie is really simple to make, and great served for Sunday dinner.

Just add your favourite side dishes. It’s tasty served with chunky chips and a big salad or creamy mustard mashed potatoes and a side of baked beans.

Plus, any leftovers are great cold next day.

Get the Cheese And Onion Pie recipe here.

Want Some Sides With That? 10 Easy Vegetarian Side Dishes Perfect For National Vegetarian Week

  1. Air Fryer Carrot Fries
  2. Air Fryer Asparagus
  3. Nando’s Style Peas
  4. Jersey Royal Potatoes
  5. Corn And Avocado Salad
  6. Air Fryer Wedges
  7. Savoury Rice
  8. Cheesy Chips
  9. Root Veg Mash
  10. Air Fryer Corn On The Cob

Get all our delicious, easy vegetarian recipes here.

Three Easy Family Desserts

If you fancy dessert – try out any of these – all family friendly and given the thumbs up from the kids!

Need Some Family Meal Ideas?

Check out our meal planning here – it’s filled with recipes, meal planning tips and pre-filled printable meal plans weekly or seasonally. We’ve got hundreds of the BEST family recipes and family meal ideas your whole family will LOVE!

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