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Natural art animal pictures

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Autumn is a totally brilliant time to get out and about collecting bits and bobs – conkers, acorns, twigs gorgeous coloured leaves of every shape and size, tramping about in wellies finding fab stuff is cool! You can make animals or patterns or anything you like really and when your done – compost it!

This is a really lovely art activity to do with children – it can be done with children of any age, indoors or out. Best of all it’s entirely free! 

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What you need to create natural art 
  • Selection of autumn leaves
  • Pile of sticks
  • Stones
  • Conkers and acorns
How to create natural art 
  • You could start this activity off with a autumn nature walk. Take some bags and let the children collect leaves, sticks and anything else of interest.
  • Then just have fun using your imagination and your autumn collection to create some great animal pictures or any other pictures you like.
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