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Nest thermostat review

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The nest thermostat is from smart home and internet of things (IoT) manufacturer Nest. An IoT home product I really wanted to get installed.

So, let’s look at what the Nest thermostat actually is:

It’s a super stylish thermostat and programmer in one. Once installed you can control the temperature from the one place and of course remotely via the Nest app on the computer, tablet or smart phone. From the moment it’s installed it starts to learn.

You need to teach Nest how you like things so for the first week, turn your heating up and down according to your preferences and after just a week it will have you sussed and automatically schedule your heating to the pattern you like, but the Nest doesn’t stop learning, it’s constantly changing and adapting the schedule to your pattern.

As the weather warms up and the heating is used less, Nest will know this and adapt it’s schedule accordingly. 

nest thermostat review, nest thermostat, IoT, Smart Home, Homestyle from daisies and pie

You can manually change the schedule simply using the app at any time and from wherever you are.

nest thermostat heating schedule, nest thermostat review, IoT, smart home, homestyle from daisies and pie

The Nest sensors can detect when you leave the house and switch to Auto Away mode which turns the heating temperature down, automatically saving you money.

One big change I noticed was traditionally your heating came on at 7am with the old style thermostat set to 20C and warmed up gradually over the next hour or so. With the Nest thermostat if you have it set to 20C for 7am, then that is exactly what you get, 20C by 7am, so you get up and out of bed into a warm house.

I really like the ability to control the heating via the Nest app. This is a great feature. I can turn the heating off/on as required depending on if I’ve got held up and I decide not to heat the home without me in it. It’s also perfect for when you’ve been out with the kids in the rain and everyone is freezing and soaked. A quick press on the Nest app and the house will be warm when we get home.

nest thermostat app, review of nest thermostat, IoT, Smart Home, homestyle from daisies and pie

The Nest thermostat display a green leaf when you’re being economical and displays orange when it’s heating. It also tells you exactly how long it will take to reach the temperature requested.

It provides an energy usage schedule which enables you to look at how you use your heating and look at ways in which you might want to cut back to save money.

nest thermostat heating usage, nest thermostat review, IoT, smart home, homestyle from daisies and pie

Each month Nest email you a home report showing how you used your energy and ways in which you can save money.

The little details…

Installation – the nest works with most heating systems

  • combi and condensing boilers
  • system and heat only boilers
  • hydronic and underfloor systems
  • air source and ground source heat pumps (heating only)
  • zoned systems (one nest thermostat required per zone)
  • switched live systems
  • low voltage (dry contact) systems

The Nest thermostat can be placed on the wall and comes with a stylish streamlined white back plate which neatly covers any hole or mess made by removing the old thermostat. You can have the thermostat on a stand (these are sold separately)

The installation of my Nest took no longer than around 45 minutes and made no mess what so ever. It’s connected to the wifi straight away and you can start to use it immediately.

The Nest does need to be installed by a trained Nest installation engineer – you can get details of local engineers on the Nest website.

Price – Nest thermostat is available from around £179

I’m really happy with the Nest thermostat and wouldn’t be without it now. It’s easy to operate, looks great, saves me energy and money and is constantly adapting and learning how I like things. More IoT products like this please Nest!

Love Smart Home Tech? 

Disclaimer: My Nest thermostat was free as part of deal when I changed energy supplier – had I not found such a fab deal I would have bought one anyway, for full details of my disclosure policy read here

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