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NK Roofline(NW) Ltd – fascia and soffit installation & replacement roofing services

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All work in this review was paid for by me.

NK Roofline Ltd van with text on side - fascia - soffits - guttering - windows - dry verge - rock door supliers

Upgrade your roofline to UPVC with NK Roofline(NW) Ltd – replacing timber fascias and soffits to UPVC has lots of great advantages as well as making your home look a whole lot better!

When you buy a new build home, and the timber fascia boards and soffits are all newly painted and shiny and looking great, it doesn’t cross your mind what an absolute pain and big expense they are to maintain!

We’ve lived in our new build home now for 16 years and the fascia boards and soffits have been painted three, maybe four times. And yet, despite the expense of the painting contractors and the scaffolding, the timber fascia boards and soffits still rotted.

And rotting wood fascias and soffits make your house look a mess. And replacing them is an essential home improvement job.

3 bed semi detached with rotten timber fascia boards and soffits ready to be replaced with upvc fascia boards and soffits

When should I replace my soffits and fascias?

You need to be looking at upgrading your roofline to UPVC when you start to notice any of the following.

NK Roofline Ltd fascia - soffits - guttering - windows - dry verge - rock door supliers
  • flaking or blistered paintwork – this means that water is getting into the timbers.
  • rotting wood and timber, once they start to rot, they really do need to come down, as once timber becomes too rotten, it could actually fall down or pieces break off easily, in storms or high winds.
  • if you notice damp patches in the loft space.

Essentially, the simple answer is a whole lot sooner than I did! Stop wasting money on having them sanded down and repainted and just get them replaced!

Choosing a roofline contractor

Okay, this bit was an absolute minefield! Which is why I’m writing this review – because I was SO HAPPY with the work that Edward and NK Roofline(NW) Ltd carried out – I want to save you the hassle of keep searching for the right company!

I had several companies around to give me quotations and those quotes ranged from £800 if I paid £500 right now, up to £6-7K! And when you don’t really know all that much about roofline it’s very difficult to gauge what’s a good deal!

When I choose NK Roofline Ltd as my roofline contractor for replacing wood fascia boards and soffits with uPVC – they totally delivered! NK Roofline were completely 100% professional, trustworthy, friendly and so hard working for the entire duration of the job.

I also checked out the Google reviews and they were 5 Star – which offered extra peace of mind.

Benefits of having NK Roofline Ltd replace the fascias and soffits

  • The quote was really reasonable – if you’re wondering how much it costs to fit UPVC soffits and fascias it was around £1800 for a 3 bed semi-detached. This included new guttering and dry verge.
  • NK Roofline could provide me with lots of photos and reviews of work they had done in the past – which is always a good thing! You get a much better idea of what your job will be like if you can see jobs they’ve completed and read genuine customer reviews.
  • They turned up bang on time on the days agreed for the work. No waiting around – just there when they say they will be. And I like that!
  • They really work hard! Like seriously industrious and diligent! They crack on with the job from the minute they arrive and work in a really methodical, super organised way throughout the whole job.
  • They have all the necessary equipment – every kind of ladder, temporary work platforms, and all necessary tools and equipment. Choosing contractors with the temporary work platforms and all the proper ladders can significantly reduce the quote as no scaffold was necessary.
  • Once they had finished the roofline work they removed all debris and rubbish from the garden and took it away. They swept up pathways and cleared away any mess. They also put back everything they had moved to do the job.

Benefits of UPVC soffits and fascia boards

new upvc fascia, soffits and guttering supplied and fitted by NK Roofline Merseyside
  • UPVC roofline products, fascia boards and soffits need no maintenance – which is a big advantage over timber.
  • UPVC fascia boards and soffits don’t weather in the same way timber does – so they’re weather resistant and any marks or dirt can be simply wiped off.
  • Upgrading to UPVC fascia boards and soffits can transform the appearance of your home – from tatty to fabulous in literally a day or two, plus that great look will last!
  • You can choose UPVC fascia boards and soffits in different colours and finishes – NK Roofline Ltd do white, black, golden oak, grey and more.

What services do NK Roofline Ltd offer?

  • Fascia Roofing Services
  • Guttering Replacement Services
  • Soffits Roofing Services
  • Dry Verge Roofing Services
  • Rubber Roof Services
  • EPDM Roofing Services

What areas do NK Roofline Ltd cover?

NK Roofline work in Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire so cover…

  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Wigan
  • Warrigton
  • Rochdale
  • Bolton

Do NK Roofline Ltd do a good job?

new upvc fascia, soffits and guttering supplied and fitted by NK Roofline Manchester

Well, I’m 100% happy with the work they did for me and would happily recommend them to friends and family. They worked really hard, they were super efficient, they were very competitively priced and they genuinely did a great job!

Other services offered by NK Roofline Ltd

NK Roofline also supply and fit doors and windows. And because they did such a great job of the replacing the soffits, fascia boards and guttering, I also booked them to supply and fit my new Rock Door and they did an amazing job of that too – couldn’t be happier!

1930s Rock Door supplied and fitted by NK Roofline Ltd - suppliers of UPVC fascias, soffits and guttering

Get a quote from NK Roofline Ltd

So if you’re wondering how much does it cost to fit UPVC soffits and fascias, then get a quote!

  • Phone them on 01744 300 124  or 07918 161798

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