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No Sandwich Lunchbox Ideas For Work Or School

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Tired of boring sandwiches for lunch? Check out these easy and delicious no sandwich lunchbox ideas that will make your lunchbox a whole lot more exciting!

With our collection of easy-to-make no sandwich lunchbox ideas, you can really liven up that lunchbox!

When it comes to making up a packed lunch, plain old sandwiches can get dull really quickly! And if you’re looking to save some money and take lunch from home rather than buying lunch out everyday, keeping that lunchbox interesting is key!

And there’s so much more to fill a lunchbox with than just a plain sandwich. You can choose from a wide range of pasta salad, potato salads, pastries, pizza, baked omelette slices, salads, mini quiches, wraps and more!

When packing no sandwich lunchbox ideas, it’s a great idea to pick up a bento box and take a mix of meal-prep salads to really keep things interesting. With so many yummy ideas to choose from it’ll be super easy to fill your lunchbox deliciously.

With delicious no sandwich lunchbox ideas like Greek potato salad filled with tangy feta cheese and Kalamata olives or falafel pitta bowl or cheese and hummus cracker snack boxes, which are great meal-prep salad to make up for a few days.

And, if you like the idea of a sandwich but not the bread, then try out pinwheels or pita bread instead.

hummus and crackers snack box with pepper, carrots cheese and cucumber sticks. Strawberry slices packed in too. no sandwich lunch ideas

And we just can’t get enough of lunch box savoury pastries! From our delicious chorizo pasty filled with tasty Manchego and chorizo filling to our homemade chicken sausage rolls and quick-n-easy cheese and bacon turnovers.

You could actually create an entire no sandwich lunch box just filled with picky snacks! Like boiled egg, veggies and tortilla chips with dip like guacamole. Add in some carrots, cucumbers and peppers, some rolls of turkey or ham. Even balls of mozzarella or cheese sticks.

It’s always nice to include a little pot of fruit salad in with your no sandwich lunchbox – either pots of mixed fruit like our grab-n-go fruit salad pots. Or opt for apple slices with peanut butter dip, or even a fresh and tangy watermelon and feta salad.

no sandwich lunch ideas - fresh fruit salad pots - mini pots of fruit salad for kids to eat as grab and go snacks

And don’t forget, a great no sandwich lunchbox ideas for if it’s cold outside take that thermos flask out of the cupboard and fill it with homemade soup or even leftovers from dinner the night before!

Read on and discover lots of fresh, tasty and easy no sandwich lunchbox ideas that will be a hit with you and the kids!

No Sandwich Lunchbox Ideas

No Sandwich Lunchbox Ideas

Tired of boring sandwiches for lunch? Check out these easy and delicious no sandwich lunchbox ideas that will make your lunchbox a whole lot more exciting!

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