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No sew wizard outfit for Halloween

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The cutest and easiest no-sew wizard outfit perfect for Halloween.

What you need to make our no-sew Halloween costume 
  • Length of silver material approximately twice the height of your child.
  • 2 lengths of coloured voile 10 inches shorter than the height of your child.
  • 2 lengths of ribbon – one 30cm, one 100cm.
  • Hair bobble or elastic band.
  • A1 piece of coloured card.
  • Scissors.
  • Pen.
  • Star stencil or cookie cutter.
  • Glue.
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How to make our no sew Halloween costume
What you need to make a wizard costume for Halloween
  • Fold the silver material in half length ways and cut a semi-circle along the fold as in photo 2.
  • Place the voile strips on top of each other.
  • Using the circle cut in photo 2 – draw around the star stencil and cut out silver stars – as many as you can from the material.
  • Fold the coloured card into a cone shape to fit your child’s head and secure with sticky tape as in photo 6.
  • Stick the fabric stars onto the wizard hat.
How to assemble our no sew wizard outfit
How to make a no-sew wizard outfit
  • Put on comfortable clothes to wear under the outfit and a pair of boots.
  • Pop the silver fabric over your child’s head and tie the long ribbon around the child’s waist.
  • Wrap the voile fabric around your child’s shoulders and fasten with a hair bobble as in photo 3 – then tie the short ribbon around the bobble in a bow.
  • Finish off with the wizard hat.
  • And to complete the look our shabby chic magic wand! 
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I love this outfit – it’s cute, individual and you can swap and change the colours to suit yourself and best of all it’s NO SEW!

Weirdly… once we’d made the outfit… look who turned up!

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