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November meal plan

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A month of feel good, comforting family dinners. It’s November and we’re eating…

1st – slow cooker brisket and gravy

Deliciously comforting family dinner.

Melt in the mouth brisket in a rich gravy, served with Yorkshire puddings roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

2nd – beef rolls and wedges

Use the leftover brisket to make sandwiches on crusty fresh bread, add a smattering of mustard and large handful of watercress and serve with oven baked wedges and a pot of ketchup.

3rd – sausage & pumpkin tray bake

Choose good quality sausages and oven bake with wedges of pumpkin, onion quarters and whole cloves of garlic.

Serve with a zingy watercress salad with a squeeze of lemon or some steamed broccoli.

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4th – bean burritos

Delicious warming quick bean chilli served tucked into burritos with grated cheddar and sour cream.

5th – bonfire night food

Traditional bonfire night food, mugs of minestrone soup, baked potatoes with lots of butter and bonfire bangers with ketchup and mustard.

6th – fish pie

Cook up a creamy fish pie – we love the Jamie Oliver Fish Pie recipe – easy, full of goodness and totally yum.

7th – fajita night

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Kids tea-time favourite and perfect for a Saturday night. Our fajita night recipes are quick and easy.

8th – roast chicken dinner

Roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings, using lots of lovely seasonal vegetables.

9th – chicken and barley soup

I’ll boil up the chicken carcass and turn it into chicken and barley soup, add in some seasonal vegetables and fluffy dumplings.

10th – baked potatoes

Loaded baked potatoes are the perfect autumn dinner, load them up however you like.

Check out our delicious baked potato topping ideas.

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11th – sloppy joes

Smoky meat sauce with tomatoes and ‘hidden’ vegetables served in soft dinner rolls, maybe with some shredded cheddar cheese.

12th – slow cooker bolognese

A big hit with the kids and contains lots of hidden vegetables, serve alongside peas, sweetcorn and a homemade garlic brioche roll.

13th – quick prawn jambalaya

Tasty and filled with cheats so it’s ready super fast. Grab the prawn jambalaya recipe here.

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14th – turkey burgers

Easy to make and healthy, the kids love turkey burgers and they always go down well for tea time here.

You could go Mexican style or keep them plain. Up to you.

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15th – roast beef dinner

Roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings and seasonal vegetables.

Remember to save some beef for the Italian beef stew tomorrow night.

16th – Italian beef stew

Made using leftovers, this rich Italian style beef stew is ready and on the table quickly.

Packed with fresh vegetables and delicious flavours.

Serve with crusty bread or garlic brioche rolls.

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17th – coconut chicken casserole

Slow cooker chicken casserole with pumpkin, seasonal vegetables, spices and coconut milk.

Loads more family meal plan ideas here

I’ll throw in some fluffy dumplings too.

18th – bean and corn quesadillas

A quick mix of spicy beans, corn and tomatoes, cooked in quesadillas with cheese and served with salsa and sour cream dip.

19th – shepherd’s pie

Classic Lancashire shepherd’s pie.

A rich minced meat stew cooked in the oven topped with fluffy mashed potatoes and cheese.

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20th – toad in the hole

A warming family favourite.

Juicy, meaty sausages cooked in a fluffy Yorkshire pudding batter.

Served with mashed potatoes, cabbage and loads of onion gravy.

21st – Buffalo chicken

Slow cooker buffalo chicken breast strips, served with warm potato salad and sour cream dip.

22nd – Cheese & vegetable pie

I’m cooking up a huge cheese, vegetable pie, flavoured with fresh herbs.

Save half for tomorrow nights dinner.

23rd – Leftover cheese & vegetable pie

Serve leftover pie with oven baked potato wedges and baked beans.

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24th – Moroccan spiced roast vegetable soup

Tuck into a delicious dish of steaming Moroccan spiced roast vegetable soup alongside some buttery cheese rolls for dipping in.

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25th – chicken cranberry melt sandwiches

Slices of baguette filled with chicken breast slices, topped with cranberry sauce and mature cheddar cheese, melted under the grill – fab quick TV night dinner.

Serve with a quick rocket or watercress salad or pot of baked beans.

26th – beef and broccoli stir fry

Totally delicious and better than take out.

Our sticky szechuan beef and broccoli is a dish you’ll just love.

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27th – fish and chips 

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You could make these delicious oven baked fish and chips from BBC Good Food for a healthy twist.

Or you could buy frozen fish and frozen french fries (a big favourite with the kids here) or you could just nip down to the chip shop, make a cup of tea and butter some bread.

28th – chicken chilli

Slow cooker chicken and black bean chilli with nachos and cheese.

29th – pot roast Italian chicken

One pot family dinner with roast chicken smothered in Italian herbs and lemons, cooked on top of crisp potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

30th – pumpkin pasta

Quick and easy pumpkin pasta that’s perfect for weeknight cooking.

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