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Organic Cleaning Product from The Squeeky Shop

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Advertisement Feature & Organic Cleaning Product Review

Our BEST organic cleaning product find yet! The eco friendly multi purpose cleaner from The Squeeky Shop cleans like a dream!

We love to clean with eco-friendly cleaners at home – I think it’s especially important in a family home to cut the toxic chemicals wherever you can.

But… you still want your home to be clean, right? Just with a gentle, eco-friendly, organic cleaning product.

We try out lots of cleaning products here at Daisies & Pie and only the really good ones make it onto the blog.

squeeky cleaner eco friendly multi purpose organic cleaning product spray in a box on a grey stool

So if it’s on the blog then it’s an eco-friendly cleaning product that really works and won’t leave you disappointed with the results.

Organic Cleaning Supplies

squeeky cleaner eco friendly multi purpose organic cleaning product spray stood on top of a yellow smeg fridge

The Squeeky Shop sent over their organic multi purpose cleaner for me to try out and it’s got great eco-friendly credentials!

  • Natural plant based organic ingredients.
  • Pet safe, cruelty free, Vegan, Peta Approved.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Plastic free refillable Aluminium Squeeky Life bottle with two dose concentrate refill.
  • Effective and safe, good for you and the planet, no toxic chemicals.
  • Concentrate refill available. One refill bottle will make enough to fill this bottle twice!

So first up – we LOVED the fact it came in an aluminium bottle – really sturdy, and reusable for literally ever!

This bottle could really take some knocks and it wouldn’t split!

You can use the Squeeky Cleaner multi-purpose cleaning spray on lot’s of surfaces around the house. Including, worktops, tables, painted or varnished woodwork, metal and plastic surfaces and items.

The Squeeky Cleaner bundle comes with the reusable bottle and a concentrated refill bottle which is enough to make up 2 full bottles of cleaning spray.

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squeeky cleaner eco friendly multi purpose organic cleaning product spray in the box next to the concentrated refill

We’re loving the plastic free – recyclable concentrated refill and it’s quite tiny so it’s easy to store away.

squeeky cleaner eco friendly multi purpose organic cleaning spray concentrated refill bottle

I’ve been using this cleaning spray to breeze through the cleaning all through the house.

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It’s been great for cleaning furniture, doors, windowsills, banisters, bed frames and door handles and they’ve all come up really clean.

squeeky cleaner eco friendly multi purpose organic cleaning spray being used to clean a white surface

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I also used it to clean down the kitchen table and kitchen worktops throughout the day after each use.

The organic cleaner has a really lovely sort of bubble gum type flavour so your house will smell just delicious once you’ve cleaned up.

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The Squeeky Cleaner shop do recommend that if you’re worried you test the spray in an inconspicuous area prior to spraying it all over something.

However, I’ve had no issues with marks being left on any surfaces I’ve tried up to now.

I liked the eco-friendly multipurpose cleaner so much that when my bathroom cleaner runs out I’ll be buying a bottle of that so I can give that a try too!

Buy The Squeeky Cleaner Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray here – bundle which includes reusable plastic free bottle and concentrated refill pack – £14.99.

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