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Ozkleen – Eco Friendly Cleaning Products That Actually Work!

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ozkleen kitchen , ozkleen bath power and ozkleen grease monkey cleaning products standing on top of a bright yellow SMEG fridge, green joseph jospeh salad bowl and marble condiment bowls in the background. The walls are dark blue and a string of brightly coloured ball fairy lights goes across the top of the photo above the bottles of cleaning products

We’ve been putting OzKleen the eco friendly cleaning products that actually work to the test at home – they definitely get the thumbs up – they work brilliantly! Come check out the results for yourself.

We’re always on the look out for eco-friendly cleaning products that actually work!

Wherever possible I like to clean with eco-friendly cleaning products – not only is it better for the environment but as a mum I don’t like to use too many unnecessary chemicals around the kids.

Like me you probably wonder if the eco-cleaning products do actually work? Do they get things properly clean?

And when it comes to OzKleen I can hand on heart say they totally do! Even I was surprised at how good they actually cleaned!

OzKleen – Eco Friendly Cleaning Products That Actually Work!

We tried out three of the OzKleen range and were really impressed with each cleaning product.

In fact I’d go as far to say these are the BEST eco-friendly cleaning products I’ve ever used.

  • OzKleen Kitchen Power
  • OzKleen Grease Monkey
  • OzKleen Bath Power

OzKleen Kitchen Power Review – Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

First up – it smells lovely – a fresh, light, lemony fragrance so it leaves your kitchen smelling really good once you’ve finished cleaning it. We tried it out on the work tops and it cleaned really well.

Then we tried it on the kitchen sink. This is the how the sink looks just after breakfast – grease splashes, water marks, the odd splat of ground coffee, bit of bean juice… that type of thing.

dirty stainless steel kitchen sink waiting to be cleaned - coffee granules and water and grease marks are visible.

So it definitely could do with a clean and freshen up with OzKleen Kitchen Power.

dirty stainless steel kitchen sink waiting to be cleaned - coffee granules and water and grease marks are visible. Bottle of Ozkleen kitchen power is lay down on the draining board

Just spray the OzKleen Kitchen Power all over the sink – I probably used a bit much… but it’s fragrance is really nice so I got a little carried away!

dirty stainless steel kitchen sink waiting to be cleaned - coffee granules and water and grease marks are visible. Hand holding the Ozkleen kitchen power spray cleaning product bottle and spraying it onto the draining board ready to clean

Then wipe down with a damp cloth, rinse and buff. Simple and takes literally 2 minutes. I always like to have a clean kitchen sink – so it’s two minutes well spent.

clean stainless steel kitchen sink shining in the light

See! Much better and smelling fresh.

clean kitchen sink with Joesph joseph-it drainer and jospeh joseph washing up bowl. Ozkleen kitchen power bottle is stood in the middle small sink space.

OzKleen Grease Monkey Review – Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

I’m always dubious with the claims on the bottles of grease cleaners, they always tend to be claiming to be amazing, effortless, cutting through grease with ease and in actual fact, it takes a whole lot of scrubbing to shift.

So, I thought I’d try it out on the little grease build up under the burner plates on the hob which I hold my hands up, I don’t clean often enough!

So it would definitely be a test of how good the OzKleen Grease Monkey is.

greasy dirty cooker hob around the gas ring - bottle of Ozkleen Grease Monkey lay next to the burner

I sprayed the OzKleen Grease Monkey onto the hob liberally and let it sit for 2-3 minutes.

The Grease Monkey spray has the same fresh citrus lemon scent as the Kitchen Power cleaner.

dirty greasy cooker hob sprayed with Ozkleen grease monkey

Then took a damp microfibre cloth and honestly it just wiped away! It’s like it melted it off – effortlessly.

Just a quick wipe around the burner and it was gone.

dirty greasy cooker hob sprayed with Ozkleen grease monkey - hand in turquoise rubber glove wiping the grease away with a yellow microfibre cleaning cloth

I’m impressed. I’ll probably even make an effort to clean them more often!

shiny clean cooker hob that's been cleaned with Ozkleen grease monkey eco friendly cleaner - bottle of Grease Monkey stood next to the clean hob burner

OzKleen Bath Power Review

Well, what can I say? It’s a great little bathroom cleaner – tackles muck, grime, water marks and leaves the bathroom looking, feeling and smelling really clean.

The OzKleen Bath Power has the same lovely fresh lemony scent as the other two products.

Here’s the before…

grubby white porcelain bathroom sink with joseph joseph green and white pump action soap dispenser, bottle of Ozkleen power bathroom cleaner lay in sink next to a blue microfibre cloth

And the after…. I’m super impressed to have found an eco friendly bathroom cleaner that works this well.

shiny clean white porcelain bathroom sink with joseph joseph green and white pump action soap dispenser, bottle of Ozkleen power bathroom cleaner lay in sink

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OzKleen – The Eco Friendly Cleaning Products That Actually Work!

So am I an OzKleen convert? You bet I am! Total convert! The products cleaned really, really well.

They had a fresh lemony clean fragrance and did exactly what they said on the bottle and got things clean.

The OzKleen cleaning products were developed in Queensland, Australia 20 years ago – they outperform and exceed expectation in efficiency and are also environmentally friendly.

The OzKleen products are free from chlorine, ammonia and phosphates.

Where to buy OzKleen in the UK?

OzKleen Products are priced from around £3.80 and available online and selected UK retailers including Costco, Wilko, Robert Dyas and Waitrose.

I’ll definitely be buying and trying out some more of their products!

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