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Painted stones – eyeballs for Halloween

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Spooktacular Halloween craft for kids. Painted pebble eyeballs makes a fun little Halloween activity and look really gruesome packed into a jar or scattered around as a Halloween decoration. Older kids particularly love to make these!

What you need to make stone eyeballstips for pebble painting, how to paint pebbles, daisies and pie
  • a selection of pebbles – try to find pale ones
  • Sharpie permanent markers – selection of colours
  • a jar to pack with pebbles



How to make stone eyeballs
  1. Make sure your pebbles are dry.
  2. Draw on the coloured iris – any colour you like.
  3. Add some gruesome blood shot veins.
  4. Colour in the black pupil.
  5. Pack your eyeballs into a jar or scatter them around the house for a quirky homemade Halloween decoration.

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Enjoy getting creative!

Halloween eyeball decoration for kids to make, kids halloween crafts, stone painting ideas

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