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Paper Loop Ladybug Craft

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Ladybirds are just the best bug to craft – they always come out looking super cute and the bright colours really appeal to kids.

This is a great craft for summer or to fit in with garden or wildlife projects. 

What you need to make paper loop ladybugs 
  • black A4 paper
  • red A4 paper
  • another colour paper for the face – we used white
  • black pencil
  • scissors
  • sellotape, glue or glue dots
paper loop ladybird made by kids. Text overlay saying "kids summer craft - paper loop ladybug"
How to make paper loop ladybugs 
  • Cut a strip of black paper and curl into a loop stick it together with tape/glue
  • Cut out 2 semi-circles or red paper for the wings – draw on the dots
  • Stick the wings to the loop of paper with tape/glue
  • Cut out a circle of white paper for the face – draw on the eyes, nose and mouth
  • Stick the face to the loop
  • Cut out 2 strips for the antenna and fold them into zig zags
  • Stick them onto the face

Make more of your ladybug craft
  • use the paper loop bugs as bracelets
  • try out different bugs – butterflies and bees work well

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