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Paper Love Heart Tree

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A simple and thoughtful Valentine’s Day craft for kids. Beautiful little paper love heart tree with a gratitude written on the back of each paper heart.

We just LOVE this paper love heart tree.

It’s a pretty little Valentine’s Day paper craft for kids, it’s nice to make, beautiful to look at and best of all every one of those love hearts has a little message of love on the back.

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Gratitude Activities For Kids

It’s always a nice idea to help children to think about what they’re grateful for. We’ve tied our gratitude activities into Valentine’s Day to go with the whole love theme – but you can do this anytime!

From loving the cat to loving spending time with grandma, to even loving a big piece of chocolate cake, it’s nice for kids to take time to think about the things in life that they love and are grateful for.

bare twigs in a glass vase with little paper hearts hanging from the twigs with little gratitude messages written on the back the hearts

What You Need To Make A Paper Love Heart Tree

bunch of twigs, red and whit dotty paper and pair of scissors on a grey table
  • Vase or even a clean empty jam jar will do.
  • Twigs – you could team this activity up with a nature walk first to gather some twigs and stick.
  • A4 sheet of pretty paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Pen or pencil for writing gratitudes

How to make a paper love heart gratitude tree

  • First, cut the A4 paper into strips
pretty paper cut into strips
  • Next cut the strips into squares
pretty paper cut into squares
  • Then fold the little paper squares into halves.
folded paper squares
  • Cut a heart shape from the folded square – just cut half a heart and when opened it will be a full heart.
love heart shape cut out of paper squares
  • Unfold the paper love hearts.
paper love hearts cut from pretty paper
  • Just repeat the above steps and make as many paper love hearts as you like!
  • Then get the kids to write their little gratitudes on the back of the love hearts.
lots of paper love hearts cut from pretty paper
  • Finally – using the hole punch – punch holes in the hearts ready to hang on the twigs. You should be able to just hang these on but you may need to thread them with ribbon or string if you can’t.
paper love heart having hole punched in using purple hole punch

More Kids Valentine’s Day Crafts

  • Paper Heart Fans – Super easy Valentine craft for kids. Make loads of lovely heart shaped folded paper fans.

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glass vase with twigs arranged in it - little spotty red paper hearts with hole punch holes - hanging from the twigs set against a painted grey brick wall. Text overlay saying "Kids Valentines Day Craft - Paper Love Heart Tree"

Hey – we hope you enjoy the easy Valentine craft for kids and when you make it don’t forget to tag us your creations on Twitter @daisiesandpieUK or Instagram @daisiesandpie

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