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Party Crowns for Christmas

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white wooden table with three homemade DIY party crowns piled in a stack. Crowns are made from midnight  blue glitter card and decorated with glittery silver and gold self adhesive stars

A super easy, extra sparkly DIY Christmas party crowns craft your kids will LOVE making!

We love Christmas! And we love crafts, so we came up with a fun and easy Christmas craft involving minimum effort and hardly any supplies and the kids will love making them too! 

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We just love this cute crown craft – tons of glitter and stick on stars!

How to make party crowns for Christmas

What you need to make party crowns

white table with a collection of craft supplies for making easy DIY party crowns - packet of blue glittery card, packet of self adhesive gold and silver starts, bottle of PVA glue, glue brush and sellotape
  • Glittery craft card – we’ve used dark blue for an icy wintery vibe but you can choose whatever colour you like.  
  • Sparkly silver and gold foam stars or any decorative touches 
  • PVA glue 
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors

How to make easy party crowns

Step 1

white wooden table with sparkly A4 midnight blue glitter card cut into strips. Craft scissors lying on top of the card
  • take your glitter craft card and cut it into strips horizontally.
  • you’ll probably need two strips to make each crown – so be sure to cut as many as you need.

Step 2

two strips of glittery blue card sellotaped together ready to make party crown
  • Take two strips of card and join them together in a circular shape.
  • Make sure you tape them on the inside and outside to make sure they don’t burst open.

Step 3

triangles of blue glitter card scattered on a white wooden table ready to stick onto DIY paper crowns
  • Once you have your crown base ready, then take the same glittery craft card and cut out some triangles (or other shapes – it’s your crown)
  • You don’t have to be super neat here – just cut out your shapes and gather them together ready to stick on your crown.

Step 4

inside of a cardboard crown showing all the little triangle points sellotaped to the main crown structure
  • Sellotape the cut out shapes onto the inside of the crown so that they poke above the main crown circle and can be seen above it.

Step 5

DIY party crown in midnight blue colour decorated with silver and gold self adhesive foam stars
  • This is my favourite part! Decorate the crown with silver and gold stars (or whatever little embellishments you decide on)

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Make Party Crowns Your Own Way…

You don’t need to stick to our design – you can make party crowns however you like, try…

  • Golden crowns with stick on jewels
  • Go for a princess theme with sparkly pink crowns, loads of glitter and jewels.
  • Try unicorn crowns! Make a horn and decorate with lots of rainbow streamers and glitter.

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white wooden table with three homemade DIY party crowns piled in a stack. Crowns are made from midnight blue glitter card and decorated with glittery silver and gold self adhesive stars. Text "kids winter crafts - Christmas party crowns -"

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