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Philips Hue Outdoor Light Review

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Adding an outdoor light to your Philips Hue lighting system is super easy and a stylish way to light up the entrance to your home.

It’s no secret just how much I LOVE my Philips Hue smart lights at home.

So installing a smart outdoor light by the front door was just the next logical addition.

I choose to go for the Daylo Outdoor Wall Light – this gorgeous, stylish light goes so perfectly with modern homes.

Philips Hue Daylo Outdoor Wall Light lit with pink light next to a grey 1930s style rock door

It emits a soft shining light outward and has a ring of background light which glows from behind the light fixture.

Philips Hue Daylo Outdoor Light against red brick wall

I can control exactly how much light I want the bulb to emit, from soft and shadowy right up the scale to really bright and light.

Philips Hue Outdoor Light - Home App control screen for brightness

And as with the other Philips Hue coloured bulbs I can choose exactly the colour I want from over 16 million! So I can change the colour depending on my mood, or even to match the colour of flowers planted in window boxes!

One neat feature was changing it to a ghoulish green for Halloween. It’s just a fun feature to use.

Philips Hue Outdoor Light - Home App control screen for choosing the colour of the light emitted

As well as choosing the perfect colour I can also set the temperature vibe – giving me either a warm cosy glow to the light or cool chilly energy to the light tone

Philips Hue Outdoor Light - Home App control screen for choosing the temperature of the light quality

Philips Hue Outdoor Light Features

The Philips Hue Daylo Outdoor Wall Light has a whole host of cool features in addition to all the colour and light level controls.

  • It’s super easy to fit! I was surprised at how easy this was – we just removed the old light fitting and then wired up the Philips Hue Daylo – and fastened it to the wall using the fittings provided.
  • The Philips Hue Daylo is weatherproof and can withstand water being splashed at it from any directions – which is good as we live in Manchester where it rains practically all the time!
  • It’s super easy to connect up to the Philips Hue Bridge and just takes moments to add to Apple HomeKit app.
  • As we use HomeKit it’s super easy to control switching the lights on an off – both with voice control and using the HomeKit app. Plus you can set the lights to come on/off at certain times and even to switch on automatically as you arrive home.
  • You can also control the Philips Hue lights with the Philips Hue app, Alexa or Google Assistant as well as Apple HomeKit which we use.
  • Security wise – it’s peace of mind to have a good outdoor light fitted and to be able to control the outdoor lights as easily as we control the indoor lights. The ability to switch them on and off even when we’re not actually home is just great.
Philips Hue Daylo Outdoor Wall Light lit with pink light next to a grey 1930s style rock door with yellow planters by the door

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Philips Hue Smart lights for outdoors

I’ll definitely be adding more outdoor lights to the garden, I just love how I can set the different colours and brightness, it will really add another dimension to outdoors living especially during the Spring and Summer months.

Wondering whether to invest in smart lighting for your home?

If you’ve been wondering whether to buy smart lighting for your home then I’d say YES! Definitely do it – I’ve not regretted it once. I completely love how easily everything integrates and how easy it is to control all the lights at home and have them exactly how I want.

You can read our full Philips Hue smart light review here and see how we use the lights and accessories at home and just how easy they are to install, control and enjoy!

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