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25 Reasons to love autumn

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25 reasons to love autumn most of all. Woodland walks, delicious belly filling comfort food, bubble baths, red wine, hot chocolate and layering up the knitwear. Fall just has it ALL!

There’s literally nothing you can’t love about autumn.

It’s by far the best season of all. Filled to bursting with spectacular nature and cosy pastimes.

Bring on the autumn!

Reasons to love autumn

photo of Houghton Bottoms Weir waterfall during autumn with red leaves on the trees. Text overlay "25 reasons to love autumn"

Walks in the woods

reasons to love autumn - walks in the woods - image of young boy walking through the autumn leaves down a woodland path

Get out this autumn and get active. There’s literally hundreds of acres of woodland to explore all around the UK, there couldn’t be a better time than autumn to make a start. Head over to The Woodland Trust and find a woodland walk near you.

reasons to love autumn - autumn walks at Hoghton Bottoms Weir
Photo Credit – Andy Mallins Photography

Autumn wardrobe and ALL the layers!

Dressing for autumn means just one thing… LAYERS! Get layered up in lovely autumn fashion, casual dresses, woollen tights, beautiful knitwear and jackets, finish with a scarf and you’re ready to go.

For cosy autumn fashion inspiration check out our autumn pinterest board. 

New boots – reasons to love autumn

reasons to love autumn - image of new fat face brown leather boots with heel and pointed toes being worn with dark blue mom jeans with a turn up

Well… it just wouldn’t be autumn without some new boots to scrunch through the leaves in. We’ve been boot drooling online and the credit cards are quivering in anticipation!

Scented candles 

When it comes to scented candles my heart (and nose)  is firmly with Diptyque and for autumn it has to be the Feu de Bois candle.

Warm, woody, gently spiced scent that leaves the house smelling divine. We just can’t wait to light it!

Cosy drinks – reasons to love fall

peanut butter hot chocolate recipe, homemade peanut butter hot chocolate, festive drinks for kids, easy family food from daisies and pie

Autumn is the perfect time to snuggle up with your hands wrapped around a mug. Cosy autumn drinks like Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate or Hot Blackcurrant with Clementine & Spice (ad feature recipe) perfect for warming up with on a cold day.

small copper milk pan filled with mulled blackcurrant with clementine slices, cloves, cinnamon and all spice berries.


cloudy skies with a v shape of birds flying

Autumn is just full of the most beautiful, stunning natural scenes. Just get outside and soak up all the vibrant, warming colours, the reds, oranges, flaming yellows.

Take time to watch the sunrises and the smouldering fiery sunsets. Watch the birds migrating for winter. Just take a minute and enjoy.

Autumn Soups and Stews – reasons to love autumn

slow cooker lamb stew served in an oven bake potato

I hold my hands up. Come September 1st, I’m ALL about the comfort food. Bring on the hearty one pot stews with plenty of crusty bread. Simmering pans of delicious smelling soup, throw in the dumplings and load up my plate.

When it comes to Autumn I want comforting, warming food made with fresh seasonal ingredients. And I want us all gathered around the table enjoying it together.

If you love Autumn food as much as we do the you’ll just love this collection of delicious Autumn Recipes – 50 Autumn Family Dinner Recipes

roasted sweet potato soup recipe served in white bowl scattered with herbs alongside grilled cheese sandwiches

Misty Mornings – Why I Love Fall

Cold, sharp misty mornings with the sun just peeping through and heading out of the house in boots, jumpers and scarves. It’s just lush! Nothing beats that fresh morning feeling.

Making S’mores

toasting marshmallows, how to make s'mores, s'more recipe, easy campfire food, easy camping food, easy family food from daisies and pie, uk lifestyle magazine

Get out into the garden and snuggle around the fire pit with hot chocolate whilst toasting marshmallows to make squidgy s’mores.

And.. LOOK what I found on Amazon! That’s right Graham Crackers so that means you can still make proper s’mores in the UK too.

Cosy Nights In reasons to love autumn

Autumn is the start of the cosy night in season. Snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket watching films, eating tasty nibbles, sipping wine.

Candles flickering, fire lit. Autumn is the ultimate excuse to skip that night out and stay cosy at home.

Cinnamon in EVERYTHING

homemade cinnamon raisin cookies.

Ahhh autumn, season of cinnamon spiced everything. I want cinnamon cookies, cinnamon latte, cinnamon spiced warm milk, cinnamon in apple pies…

Autumn is the perfect time to get busy in the kitchen and get your bake on!

What are the best things about autumn?

Red Wine

As soon as it’s fall, I kinda think it’s time to put away the sparkling rose and bottles of icy cold Chardonnay and crack open the red wine.

Red wine is oh so perfect for sipping with stews and warming one pot dinners. A nice Merlot has definitely got that autumn vibe.

Blackpool Illuminations

If you’re northern then Autumn means it’s simply compulsory to visit Blackpool Illuminations, it’s pure tradition!

Head off to the beach for the afternoon, grab seaside fish and chips for tea and the drive home in the dark all along the seafront taking in Blackpool Illuminations. It wouldn’t be autumn without them!

Slipping your pyjamas on – reasons to love autumn

One of the absolute best and most cosy parts of autumn is the fact it’s perfectly acceptable to slip into your pyjamas just as soon as you get home.

That’s right – off come the work clothes, on come the pj’s and all before you’ve even started cooking dinner!

Not just any apple crumble… Toffee Apple Crumble!

bowlful of homemade toffee apple crumble with ice-cream

As soon as autumn starts my mind turns to toffee apple crumble… Sticky, delicious toffee apples, topped with fluffy crumble and served with a dollop of ice-cream, clotted cream or gallon of custard. Whatever floats your boat!

Autumn Cheese Board

autumn cheese board with cheese, figs, fruit, nuts, ham and french saucisson

Celebrate the season with a delicious cheese board. We’ll show you how to make a the perfect cheese board for autumn. Gather together a delicious selection of cheeses, charcuterie and seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts that are just perfect for fall.

Get our autumn cheese board ideas here.

Autumn leaves – reasons to love the fall

fairy wings and crown made from autumn leaves

Pulling on your boots and getting outdoors to scrunch and kick through the autumn leaves. It’s just lush!

And if you’ve got kids then take them conker hunting or collecting autumn leaves or even create some amazing autumn leaf crafts!

Eating all the pies!

minced beef and onion pie freshly baked pulled out of the oven - the word pie is written in pastry letters on top

Homemade pie is a great autumn dinner. Cheat your way to a delicious pie by throwing the pie filling into the slow cooker to simmer all day. Then simply use ready rolled pastry sheets to make a pie crust on top and finish in the oven.

Love pies? Try these!

Why does autumn make me happy?

Halloween is coming

happy face carved pumpkin jack o lantern

What’s not to LOVE about Halloween? Filling the house with jack-o’-lanterns and spooky homemade Halloween decoration the kids have made.

Throwing Halloween parties for the kids or spooky dinner parties, trick or treating and eating tasty Halloween treats.

Get the Halloween Recipes here

  • Bogey Bites – disgustingly good sticky green bogey bites, these make a great Halloween dessert idea for parties or trick or treaters.

Bonfire Night – reasons to love autumn

Bonfire Night is gorgeously autumnal – the delicious smell of woodsmoke filling the air, fireworks bursting overhead and BEST OF ALL… Bonfire Night Food!

It just wouldn’t be Bonfire Night without all the tasty foodie treats. From bonfire bangers and sparkling chocolate bark to delicious mugs of soup and slowly cooked oven baked potatoes oozing with butter and salt crystals.

Get our BEST Bonfire Night Recipes here.

bonfire night recipes - toffee apples, toffee apple crumble, baked potatoes, bonfire bangers. Text "traditional bonfire night food -"

Woolly Socks

Putting cold feet into warm woolly socks is just a delight! Wooly socks and wellington boots are what autumn is all about!

All of the weather

One of the BEST bits about autumn is the weather. Golden, mellow sunshine, slanting through the trees, low sunsets, swirling morning mists on the fields. Or blue skies and crisp mornings with just a touch of frost.

Or autumn storms with rain and wind, the kind that are perfect for snuggling indoors and watching through the window. Weather-wise, autumn has it all.

Wearing Hats

Late autumn is usually chilly enough to wear hats – woolly hats go oh so well with autumn layers and just make the whole dressing for autumn more snuggly and lush.

Cosy Beds – reasons to love the fall

Autumn is the time to put away the summer bed linen and make your bedroom into a cosy nest for winter and autumn.

Add extra pillows and cushions to your bed, throw on extra blankets and covers and really make it a total haven to get into.

Toffee Apples

homemade toffee apples in a beautiful shiny red colour with wooden sticks

Homemade toffee apples are the most delicious autumn treat. Perfect for Halloween or Bonfire Night.

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lovely autumn evening countryside sunset scene - Text overlay saying "September self care activities"