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Reusable Make Up Wipes That Actually Work!

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Advertisement Feature & Review for Magnitone London Reusable Make Up Wipes

Switching to reusable make up wipes is better for my skin and reduces waste going to landfill.

Reusable Make Up Wipes

I recently tried out the Magnitone London Wipe Out reusable bamboo face cloth. The cleansing cloth is microfibre, eco friendly and can remove makeup using just water!

You can reuse these face wipes thousands of times and to clean them just throw them in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Face Wipes for Sensitive Skin

If like me you have sensitive skin then naturally you want to reduce the amount of products you use on your skin. So I personally loved this face cloth as not only is it super soft to touch because of the microfibre texture, but you only need water to remove your makeup.

The Magnitone London Reusable Bamboo Face Cloth was perfect for my skin and didn’t cause any redness or irritation.

Magnitone London Wipe Out 100% bamboo reusable makeup wipe

Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Disposable Makeup Wipes

Magnitone London Wipe Out 100% bamboo reusable makeup wipe

These cleansing cloths are 100% bamboo fibre and so great for the eco-conscious amongst you as they obviously reduce the amount of waste going to landfill or worse down the toilet…. which has to be a good thing!

The microfibre texture expands when wet meaning any makeup particles are kind of grabbed onto by the cloth and not smeared around the face.

Reusable Portable Makeup Wipes

Because the cloths are machine washable at 30 degrees they can be used literally thousands of times. The makeup wipes came out of the machine really clean too. They dry quickly which means they’re great for travelling too as it’s just one easily folded cloth rather than packs of wipes and cotton wool with cleanser to pack. So yes! You save money too!

Do Reusable Make Up Wipes Actually Remove All Makeup?

girl removing makeup with Magnitone Wipe Out cloth

Easy makeup removal

These cleansing cloths removed my makeup so easily, it required no scrubbing or hard usage on my face. I simply added warm water to the wipes and my makeup came off in one wipe – yes even my mascara!

None of my makeup was smeared around my face it was taken off in a simply and quickly.

These are perfect for people (like me) with easily marked skin as it they’re so soft on the skin and require no scrubbing!

I’ve incorporated these face wipes into part of my daily skincare routine as they are an easy, quick and efficient way to remove my makeup. I use these face cloths at the end of a day to remove my makeup before washing my face, they are great!

Where to buy reusable makeup wipes

Currently available from Magnitone at just £14! (price correct on 18/7/19)

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