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RoboVac 11 Review

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Advertisement Feature and Review

Eufy sent over their RoboVac 11 for us to try out at home.

As you know we do LOVE anything that makes housework easier and so we couldn’t wait to put it through it’s paces. 

The RoboVac11 is a really smart looking vacuum cleaner… with a bit of a cute sort of robotic bug vibe going on! (and yes… we’ve already given it a name…)

RoboVac11 in box on a grey desk

The RoboVac11 is ridiculously easy to use and actually very effective. Firstly find a good home for it – the charger needs to be plugged in and charging station situated against a wall as it just makes it easier for the RoboVac11 to dock for recharging once it’s finished cleaning. 

Once your RoboVac is charged and you’ve inserted batteries into the remote control then you’re ready to clean. You can use your RoboVac11  to do different types of cleaning

  • Auto Clean where RoboVac calculates the rooms and set’s off cleaning until it’s completed the job. 
  • Spot Cleaning where RoboVac cleans in a spiral pattern to deal with a spillage or particularly dirty area – for example where pets sleep. 
  • Edge Cleaning where the RoboVac goes a slow speed all around the edges of the room to ensure they’re cleaned thoroughly
  • Max Cleaning which is where RoboVac works on maximum suction which is great for carpets. 
  • Single Room Cleaning where RoboVac calculates one room and cleans until it’s complete. 
  • Manual Cleaning where you can direct the RoboVac using the remote control arrow keys.

And… my favourite! 

robovac11 controls by a cup of coffee

Scheduled Cleaning – this is where you use the remote controls to set a time you’d like your RoboVac to set off and vacuum. So mine currently vacuums the entire downstairs at 6:30pm which is after the kids have had tea so it deals effortlessly with crumbs and mess.

Once it’s done a complete clean which takes it around 45 minutes it just returns to the charging dock and puts itself back on charge. 

Now I currently vacuum the downstairs of the house every morning just before I do the school run so I was really quite shocked to see how much the RoboVac11 managed to suck up after just a few days usage! 

Things We LOVE About The RoboVac11

  • We just love the scheduled cleaning – it just means that by the time we chill out for the evening the house is vacuumed. 
  • We love the way it just puts itself back on the charger ready for the next clean. 
  • We love how it effortlessly gets underneath the sofas and cupboards for really efficient cleaning. 
  • It has a built in sensor so it doesn’t bump into things or fall downstairs.

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Downsides Of The RoboVac11

  • It doesn’t vacuum thick shaggy rugs – but if it gets caught then it does switch itself off and sound an alert to prompt you to move it off the rug so it can continue cleaning. 
  • It obviously can’t vacuum stairs, upholstery etc. 

Do I Need A RoboVac11?

The RoboVac is an ideal accompaniment to a regular vacuum cleaner – it saves time and effort and does clean really well.

I like how I can set it off cleaning downstairs when I’m out and then I just have a quick mop to do when I get home for super clean floors! Quite honestly I wish I’d got one sooner! 

Love Smart Home Tech? 

Disclosure – the RoboVac11 was sent to me for review free of charge. For full details of my disclosure policy please read here.

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