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Morning routine for school – that really works

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Cut the stress with our top tips for a morning routine for school that actually works! Easy way to have a calmer, less shouty morning.

Getting a good routine going on a school morning cuts down on the stress, the shouting and the general chaos.

A school morning routine means you and the kids will be much calmer, more organised and arrive at school on time and with everything they need.

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Top Tips For An Easy Morning Routine For School

Things to do the night before school

  • sign your name – sign reading records, homework diaries, permission slips
  • cough up the cash – put lunch money, snack money, milk money and school club money into envelopes all marked up with names and amounts
  • pack school bags and any sports kits needed the next day
  • get out the uniforms and make sure shoes are shiny
  • yawn… but a good nights sleep makes everything run far more smoothly so keep an eye on those ‘back to school’ bedtimes

Morning routine for school

  • get up at least 30 minutes before the kids – that way you get a caffiene hit and shower.
  • get the kids up at least 1 hour 30 minutes before the time you want to leave the house.
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  • create a checklist with the kids add on the essentials like – eat breakfast, clean teeth, wash, get dressed, brush your hair, put on shoes, get school bag/lunch/sports kits by the door and ready to go. Add on anything else that matters to your family.
  • no TV or computer games until everything on the checklist has been ticked off

Parenting Hacks For A Less Shouty Morning

  • do as much of the organising and preparation you can the evening before
  • don’t forget to set the alarm and be up on time – plenty of time means no rushing and no losing tempers.
  • pick your battles, for example if the kids only like one thing for breakfast don’t experiment with new things on a school morning , wait until the weekend.
  • the ‘no screens until completely ready’ RULE definitely reduces the amount of nagging needed!

More Back To School Tips And Ideas

  • Lunch box menu – our easy mix n match packed lunch planner means you can put together healthy lunchboxes the simple way.

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