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Seasonal Produce Guide – What To Buy In September

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Seasonal Produce for September, What's in season during September, autumn recipes, autumn inspiration, easy family food


September is filled with natures best harvest.  Get our guide to what’s in season in September and how to use it deliciously.


Apples are delicious eaten just as they are crunchy, munchy and the perfect snack. If you want to throw them into a recipe try slicing apples into a delicious Waldorf salad and eat alongside some crusty bread. Or gently fry them in butter with a pinch of cinnamon and wrap them up along with a spoonful or clotted cream into a freshly made pancake. Keep the Bramley apples to one side and turn them into crumbles or pie.


You’l find these plump beautiful berries in abundance alongside country roads, canal banks and in parks and woods. Use them in crumbles or steep them in vodka.


Throw a handful into your autumn morning porridge along with a drizzle of maple syrup. Or use them to bake blueberry muffins.

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Brussels Sprouts

Great with a Sunday roast or turn them into the main event in a dish like bacon and sprout spaghetti.

quick and easy pasta recipe, chilli flakes, sprout flowers, smoked bacon

Freshly cooked spaghetti with sprout flowers and bacon sprinkled with chilli flakes.
Cabbage and Kale

Finely shredded and gently sautéed in butter with garlic the used to top pizza with a crumbling of blue cheese. Use to top Italian style bruschetta, throw into a seasonal stir fry or just lightly steam and serve up with the Sunday roast.


You can’t beat a delicious creamy cauliflower cheese topped with crispy bread crumbs or maybe bacon bits. Or turn into cauliflower mac-n-cheese or a proper slowly cooked Italian risotto sprinkled with chilli fried breadcrumbs.


Use it to make Waldorf salad, add it to risotto or warming autumn soups and if you’ve got a glut spread it with peanut butter and tuck in!


Turn courgette into delicious warm salads or use in fritters with a spicy chilli dip or lime spiked mayonnaise. Also delicious in toasted cheese sandwiches or sliced thinly onto pizzas.

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Delicious added to warming autumn casseroles or stews, add them into soup or use them in Chinese style stir fry.


Try a little retro dish of stuffed marrow, stuff with savoury mince, rice and spiced tomato sauce all baked in the oven and melt cheese on top for added yum!


Freshly podded peas, lightly steamed and crushed onto bruschetta with a drizzle of good olive oil and a sprinkling of chopped mint. Delicious turned into a pesto pea dip for dunking wedges and breadsticks.


Juicy pears eaten just as they are or if you want to make more of them add them to crumbles, slice them thinly onto pizza with chocolate spread and ricotta cheese for a sweet pizza treat. Poach them in wine and serve with clotted cream.


Eat as they are or turn into delicious vibrant plum compote to be eaten with natural yogurt or drizzled onto freshly made pancakes.

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Pumpkin and squash

Go all American and make pumpkin pie or simply roast wedges of pumpkin or squash sprinkled with sea salt and chilli flakes and eat instead of chips. Delicious sliced thinly onto pizza with saucisson and walnuts or added in chunky bitesized pieces to casseroles and stews. We love it roasted with smoked paprika and wrapped in soft flour tortilla with blue cheese.



Dot it with butter and fresh chilli and wrap it in foil – bake in the oven until tender. Or you could BBQ fresh corn cobs or simply cut off the kernels and throw them into a nice autumn salad.

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Sweetcorn deliciousness!


You might like our September dinner ideas – a full month of seasonal delicious recipes.

Seasonal Produce for September, What's in season during September, autumn recipes, autumn inspiration, easy family food


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