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Secrets For Always Having A Clean House

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Easy ways to make sure your house is always clean, tidy and great to be in.

How To Keep The House Clean And Tidy

I think the secret to always having a clean house is definitely staying on top of things!

So… I’m sharing the little things I do every day around the house that help to keep it clean and tidy and nice to come home to.

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Chores To Do Everyday – Make Your Bed

clean bedroom with fresh flowers on the bedside tables

Always make the beds. Throw open the bedroom windows wide whilst you do it and freshen up the bedroom.

Nobody wants to go to bed at night to be greeted with messy unmade sheets.

It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to get that bed made and looking lovely.

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Chores To Do Everyday – Wash The Pots

How to clean the kitchen sink, homemaking tips

Always wash the pots or at least load them into the dishwasher. That way when you come home or get up in the morning you won’t be faced with a pile of dirty dishes. Urgh.

Chores To Do Everyday – Wipe Down The Kitchen Worktops & Sink 

I always clean down the kitchen worktops and scrub the sink at the end of every day, just after I clean up from dinner.

It keeps me on top of the housework. It keeps the kitchen clean, hygienic and fresh.

Be sure to wipe up spills as you go along too, this will save you spending a day scrubbing sticky cupboards or fridge shelves.

Chores To Do Everyday – Take Out The Rubbish 

At the end of the day, wrap up the rubbish and recycling and take it out to the bins.

It’ll take 5 minutes and it will keep your home fresh, clean and stop any nasty smells.

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Chores To Do Everyday – Sort Out Mail

Deal with mail and school letters/emails as they come in.

Don’t stack them in a pile or push them into a draw to sort out another time… by the time that day comes it’ll be a full on task.

It takes only a couple of minutes to answer letters/emails, and sort out requests from schools – sign those permission slips, add dates to your diary and keep on top of things.

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Chores To Do Everyday – Open Up All The Windows 

I always open all the windows at home for a least half an hour each day even in cold weather.

Opening the windows changes and freshen up the air and helps to rid the house of cooking smells and stale odours too.

It just makes the house smell fresher and feel better to be in.

Chores To Do Everyday – Vacuum Floors 

I do a quick vacuum of high traffic areas every day and usually mop the kitchen floor too.

It just keeps things fresh and clean and really doesn’t take that long to do either.

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Chores To Do Everyday – Clean The Bathrooms 

Marigold bathroom cleaning gloves, home cleaning essentials

I do a quick wipe down of the bathroom sink and toilet before I leave the house in the morning – just keeps things clean and smelling good.

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