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Self Care Activities for September

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Give wellbeing and happiness a boost with our self care activities that are perfect for autumn. Simple ideas that really make you feel good.

With the rush of back to school and jolting back into ‘routine’ I always think it’s nice to plan to squeeze a little feel good time into September. So that it’s not all school and homework focused after the lovely long lazy summer.

Grab our Positivity Calendar 2021 activities below.

What Is Self Care?

Simply looking after yourself – putting time and effort into choosing to do activities that make you feel good. Promoting a feeling of happiness and wellbeing. It feels good to feel good! 

view across a field with the sunset on the horizon shining through the trees. Text overlay "self care activities for september"

What Are Self Care Activities?

They can literally be anything that makes you feel good. As simple as spending 5 minutes meditating or 10 minutes sat with your feet up and a cup of tea.

Maybe taking a 10 minute walk each day – anything that promotes good feelings and wellbeing. 

Self Care Activities

We LOVE our feel good monthly challenges. It just takes a little focus and effort each day to make sure I always squeeze in something that’s nice, makes me happy or is just good for my wellbeing. 

So here’s our self care calendar of feel good self care activities and plans for September 

1. Go Fly A Kite

Make the most of the still light evenings and head off to the park or local hills and fly a kite. If you’ve not got a kite, here’s a quick and easy kite tutorial for kids.

2. Friday Night Treats – Self Care Activities

Celebrate the start of the weekend with Friday night treats, maybe cook a favourite dinner, or whip up a chocolate dip platter, try our delicious S’mores Dip

s'mores dip topped with pink marshmallows with a digestive biscuit being dipped in

3. TV night

Snuggle up on the sofa with the kids and watch Saturday night TV, they love it!

4. Get Outdoors For A Walk – Self Care Activities

Head off to the local woods for an early autumn walk, you might even find some early conkers. This is a self care calendar item not to miss off!

5. Plan Some Fun

Sit down with the kids and make an autumn bucket list, find out what things they fancy doing… remember it’s not all about spending money, there’s loads of things to do for free.

6. Back To School Celebration Dinner

Treat the kids to there favourite take-away to celebrate the whole back to school thing.

7. Spa Night – Self Care Activities

When it comes to self care calendar ideas – treat yourself to a gorgeous long, relaxing, deep bubble bath. Warm fluffy towels and deliciously scented moisturiser or foot lotion. Maybe throw on a face pack.

8. Read A Good Book

Pick out some good books, maybe visit the library and squeeze in time to snuggle up in a chair and read. If you’ve got younger kids let them choose a great story book for you to read to them and make reading time a little part of each day.

9. Blackberry picking

Head on out and pick blackberries and make something delicious with your foraged fruits. If you’re new to blackberry picking, here’s our simple guide. This is one September mindfulness calendar activity we always like to do.

self care activities  - blackberry picking

10. Visit The Park

Whether it’s after school or at the weekend, take a visit to your local park or play area and let the kids burn off some energy.

11. Cook Up A Proper Family Sunday Dinner

Spend time as a family and cook up a real traditional Sunday roast. We’ve got a lazy recipe for slow cooker brisket that’s perfect for a laid back Sunday.

hessian table cloth with white plate loaded with pulled brisket, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, mashed swede and broccoli

12. Catch Falling Leaves – Self Care Activities

Get outdoors into the garden or visit the local park or woodland and catch the leaves as they fall from the trees. And for every leaf you catch make a wish.

13. Have A Bonfire

Have a mini bonfire in the garden or sit outside around the wood burner, take out some hot chocolate and toast marshmallows in the flames.

14. Have Autumn Dinner Outdoors

A self care calendar activity not to miss out on! Cook up some bangers and mash, serve them in bowls with gravy and take them outdoors and make the most of the last of the light evenings. Kids love eating dinner outdoors.

15. Make Some Autumn Art

Help the kids to gather together some autumn nature finds and create some natural art work.

fairy wings and crown made from autumn leaves

16. Make Autumn Apple Drinks

Simmer up a pan of warming, gently spiced apple drinks. Infuse the apple juice with citrus peel and cinnamon.

17. Visit The Seaside – Self Care Activities

Spend a day at the seaside, paddle in the sea, build sandcastles and munch fish n chips. This one is firmly in our self care calendar every year!

18. Make A Harvest Basket – Self Care Activities

Try to visit a harvest festival or celebration, if there’s none nearby to you, maybe put together a harvest basket for the local food bank.

19. Make A Leaf Bowl

Use your autumn leaf collection to make a beautiful leaf bowl – get the full instructions from Thinly Spread.

20. Make Toffee Apples

Nothing says autumn quite like deliciously red toffee apples and we’ve a really simple toffee apple recipe.

homemade red toffee apples on wooden sticks

21. Maize Maze

Visit a local maize maze and have some fun with the kids.

22. Play Conkers

Hunt for conkers and then string them and have a conker fight. We used to love to do this as kids.

23. Autumn Nature Trail – Self Care Activities

Get out and about with the kids on an autumn nature trail, look out for conkers, acorns, beech nuts, pine cones, beautiful autumn coloured leaves and autumn wildlife.

Maybe take a picnic or flasks of hot chocolate and some brownies. This is a gorgeous mindfulness calendar activity.

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24. Climb A Hill And Watch The Sunset – Self Care Activities

It just feels so good to do this and best of all, it’s free! Pick a clear day and book this into your self care calendar.

self care activities - view of the sunset from the top of Rivington Pike

25. Star Gazing

If you’ve got a telescope then get out into the garden with the kids and spend time looking at the stars or catching a glimpse of a planet.

No telescope, no problem, just wrap up warm, maybe snuggle up on the trampoline or in an empty paddling pool with sleeping bags and quilts, lie back and watch the stars.

self care activities - star gazing in the garden with the kids

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26. Autumn Gardening

Spend time outdoors in the garden, tidying away the summer and getting the garden ready for autumn.

27. Make A Home For Nature

We love the RSPB website, you tap in your postcode and it gives nature activity suggestions for your area, things they know will work well with the nature where you live.

It’s a great project for kids to get involved in. We can’t wait to build our hedgehog hotel!

28. Make Autumn Crumble

Cook up a Toffee apple crumble and eat with delicious creamy custard.

bowlful of homemade toffee apple crumble with ice-cream

29. Autumn Picnic – Self Care Activities

Spend a weekend lunch out and about and take a lovely autumnal picnic with you, maybe some cheese, crusty bread, juicy ripe tomatoes, apples and plums.

Go for an autumn walk and find a good spot to sit with lunch.

30. Plant Wildflowers

Plant up a wildflower area in your garden, maybe along a back fence or a quite little corner. Any space you can give over to wildflowers is great for bees and if you scatter the seeds now they’ll grow next year in time for spring and summer. A little mindfulness calendar activity that gives back to nature too.

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view across a field with the sunset on the horizon shining through the trees. Text overlay "self care activities for september"

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