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Self Care Activities for October

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Give wellbeing and happiness a boost with our self care activities that are perfect for October. Simple ideas that really make you feel good.

What is self care?

It’s quite imply looking after yourself and making time for you. Just putting time and effort into choosing to do past times and activities that make you feel good and promote happiness and wellbeing. It feels good to feel good! 

What are self care activities?

Self care activities can literally be anything that makes you feel good! So it’s persona to you really.

It can be as simple as spending 5 minutes meditating or 10 minutes sat with your feet up and a cup of tea. Maybe taking a 10 minute walk each day – anything that promotes good feelings and wellbeing. 

autumn leaves - text overlay saying "October self care activities"

Self care ideas

We LOVE our feel good monthly challenges – it just takes a little focus and effort each day to make sure I always squeeze in something that’s nice, makes me happy or is just good for my wellbeing. 

So here’s our feel good activities and plans for October.

1 – Organise my time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with hectic lifestyles and totally lose time to do the things you want to do – so my first task this month is to sit down with a coffee and plan my time better.

Making sure I schedule my time to not only fit in work, kids and housework but also relaxation, exercise and meditation for ME.

I’ll be using the time blocking method – this is my favourite and once the time’s up – it’s up and I move on to the next thing.  

It’s always good to look at time management every few months as lifestyles and commitments change so it’s good to refresh your schedule to be kinder to yourself. 

2 – Coffee with a friend – self care ideas

Even just grabbing half an hour to spend with a friend drinking coffee and eating cake is a good thing – a quick gossip and catch up is good for the soul! 

And if you’re currently restricted due to guidelines then take time to do coffee over FaceTime.

3 – Buy yourself some flowers 

Don’t wait – buy your own! You don’t even need to spend loads of money – just a couple of bunches of supermarket flowers mixed in with some bits from the garden would be just perfect.

You could even try out our jam jar flowers.

4 – Declutter 

It’s always good to keep on top of clutter at home – a clean well organised house just feels so much nicer to be in – I’ll be working my way through Mission Declutter this month.

I like to do this in the run up to Christmas, it just gives me chance to clear out unwanted things before Christmas brings a whole load of new *stuff* 

30 day declutter challenge printable housework checklist

5 – Buy yourself a great magazine

Treat yourself to a new magazine, get a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy!

6 – Go blackberry picking

blackberry picking, where to find wild blackberries, blackberry recipes, how to pick blackberries, easy family food from daisies and pie

There’s still time to pick some juicy blackberries and cook up some delicious blackberry crumble with thick creamy custard.

Grab our Blackberry Picking Guide here. 

7 – Homemade Face Mask Treatment- self care ideas

Get busy in the kitchen and mix yourself up a homemade face mask to give your skin a pick-me-up.

I love the Dry Skin face mask from Marie Clare it’s lovely for using throughout winter – feels so nourishing (and yes… the other half of that avocado goes on toast – YUM!) 

8 – Snuggle up with a good book 

Create yourself a really comfortable little reading nook – you could just pile cushions and throws on your favourite chair, or create a little bed nest or curl up in a window seat.

Pour yourself a drink, whatever you fancy – wine, hot chocolate, nice cup of tea – whatever floats your boat and settle in for an evening with your book. 

9 – Date night 

Oooo pack the kids off to bed early and cook a date night meal – go all out on making it look good – set the table nicely – light some candles, make an effort.

Now… when it comes to the cooking, if it’s not your thing then take advantages of the Dine In deals from supermarkets or order take-out. Tonight’s about enjoying yourself and relaxing. 

10 – Bubble bath

Run a deep bath – pour in some gorgeous bath oils or bubbles and take a really long lazy soak – try it by candle light for extra loveliness. 

11 – Meditation – self care ideas

Even just squeezing in a few minutes a day doing meditation or mindfulness is beneficial – there’s loads of guided meditation apps you could try – give it a go! 

12 – Take a walk 

Autumn is just the BEST time to get out walking – visit a local park, walk around a town or head off to the beach or countryside, just get outdoors…. maybe if it’s the weekend you could squeeze in pub lunch too. 

13 – Make up a food parcel

Throw together a bag of tins, pasta and rice and head off to the food bank – no time to shop – arrange an online delivery or throw in some tins at the local shop – ours all have collection points at the door. 

14 – Fresh line dried bedding

There’s still some good outdoor drying days left in October – pick a bright sunny day, strip the bed, wash with extra fabric conditioner then dry on the line outdoors – getting into bed that night will be just lovely. 

15 – Autumn cheese board

autumn cheese board with cheese, figs, fruit, nuts, ham and french saucisson

Gather together some delicious bits and pieces and throw together an autumn cheese board – this is delicious for a Saturday night laid back dinner – add wine and chill out. 

16 – Halloween crafting with the kids

homemade shabby chic boo halloween decoration

Get busy with the kids and work on some Halloween decorations – homemade decorations always look just fab and feel extra special. Check out some Halloween crafts here. 

17 – Indulgent hot chocolate – self care ideas

homemade peanut butter hot chocolate with chocolate sprinkles on top on a red flowery tray

Oh my goodness – there is nothing better than peanut butter hot chocolate! It’s so creamy, so chocolate-y and so delicious! Grab the peanut butter hot chocolate recipe here.

18 – Friday Night Dinner

This is something we’ve really started to embrace – in the week everyone is so busy – Friday night we all get together for dinner.

I usually let the kids pick whatever they fancy – we do outrageous desserts with fireworks in them or sparklers and really enjoy time together. 

19 – Dance

Music up loud and dance like nobody is watching – even if they are. 

20 – Try out some yoga – self care ideas

Try out a little yoga session – if there’s none local to you or you don’t fancy taking a class then check out some yoga videos on YouTube – I love the Yoga with Adrienne – there’s videos for every level.

21 – Cosy up your living room

Change the throws for snuggly blankets – switch the cushion covers for autumn tones – add a nice scented candle, string up some fairy lights, add some lanterns – go for a cosy vibe, create a space you can’t wait to come home to and snuggle up in.

22 – Box set binge

Pick a box set and totally binge! It feels so good. 

23 – Visit a farmers market

There’s loads of them around and autumn is a great time to visit – pick up some artisan food and spend time meandering around the stalls. 

24 – Don’t put it off 

If you’ve been putting off something for a while now… you know the type of thing – moving some old stuff into the loft, fixing the dripping tap, mending the fence… get it done. Pick one thing and do it!

25 – Catch falling leaves 

Get outdoors into the garden or visit the local park or woodland and catch the leaves as they fall from the trees. And for every leaf you catch make a wish.

26 – Simmer up some soup

bowlful of moroccan roast vegetable soup with soured cream and herbs

Cook up a pot of soothing, warming soup – throw it in the slow cooker whilst you head off for a walk then come home to soup and cheese on toast – ahhhh it’s the little things that feel so good!

Grab our favourite autumn soup recipes here. 

27 – Get your hygge on – self care ideas

the little book of hygge, how to hygge, what does hygge mean, happy home life

There’s room in everyones life for some Hygge – just embrace it and enjoy. 

28 – Be kind

Be kind – do something nice, being nice feels good – you don’t need to go around shouting about it, posting it on Facebook, tagging all the world. Just be kind and move on! Kindness is a good thing. 

29 – Cook up some brownies 

tray of homemade crunchie brownies

Whisk up some delicious brownie batter – you seriously cannot mess up brownies – so easy, so tasty and great for brightening up a day. Grab our chocolate-y crunchie brownie recipe here. 

30 – Have a duvet day – self care ideas

woman lying in IKEA iron bedstead, crisp grey and white striped bedding, fluffy mustard cushion and blue and white woollen cushion.

Totally indulge yourself with a comforting, lazy duvet day – take time out, relax and really enjoy it – no time for a full day? Just stay in bed until 11am… even a little duvet day is a good thing. 

31 – Halloween dinner 

slow cooker lamb stew served in an oven bake potato

Throw a Halloween dinner – cook up some delicious, wholesome warming food – we think eyeball bruschetta (no actual eyeballs involved) for starters… Pendle witch stew to follow and if there’s still room go all out with a big chocolate fudge cake, maybe some green custard. 

Hey – we hope you enjoy the self care activities and ideas and don’t forget to tag us your own ideas on Twitter @daisiesandpieUK or Instagram @daisiesandpie

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