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Self care ideas and activities to do in June

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Self care activities and ideas for June to help boost my happiness and sense of wellbeing.

What are self care ideas and activities?

Simply looking after yourself – putting time and effort into choosing to do activities that make you feel good and promote happiness and wellbeing. It feels good to feel good! 

I think it’s really important to focus on your own wellbeing and needs, especially if you’re a busy mama who has other people relying on your feeling your best!

What are easy self care activities?

They can literally be anything that makes you feel good – as simple as spending 5 minutes meditating or 10 minutes sat with your feet up and a cup of tea. 

Maybe taking a 10 minute walk each day or even just making a to-do list or organising your day so it runs more smoothly – anything that promotes good feelings and wellbeing. 

edges of shoes stood by a dandelion one o'clock - Text "self care ideas for June"

Self care ideas

We LOVE our feel good monthly challenges – it just takes a little focus and effort each day to make sure I always squeeze in something that’s nice, makes me happy or is just good for my wellbeing. 

My self care ideas for June

Thanks to the lovely ladies in my Facebook Group for some great ideas to include in this month’s self care challenge!

If you’re joining in our Self Care June you can @daisiesandpieUK on Twitter or @daisiesandpie on Instagram and let us share your self care journey and ideas. 

Remember – you don’t have to do them all, just do what feels good for you. This is a nice thing to do – it shouldn’t cause you any stress or pressure.

1 – easy self care idea – get your five a day

Summer berries and melon fruit salad, quick fruit salad recipes to help boost self care and wellbeing

Switch some focus onto what you eat, I mean that whole “you are what you eat” saying has to come from somewhere – aiming to eat at least five portions of fruit and veggies is a simple, natural way to boost your vitamin and fibre intake and that’s a good thing.

It doesn’t have to be difficult either – a small bowl of fruit with breakfast, a veggie stick and dip pot as a snack, a salad with lunch and some veggies with dinner – easy!

2 – free self care activity– watch the sunrise

watching the sun rising over a wildflower meadow as a self care activity

I always find something really soothing about watching the sunrise, yeah I know you have to get up really early but it’s worth it, it feels really good to sit outside, grab a tea or coffee and just watch nature do it’s thing.

3 – try meditation as a simple self care and wellbeing activity

Meditation is a great way to switch off and really relax, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, it really boosts my spirits. There’s lots of guided meditations on YouTube – I especially like The Mindful Movement – I find their meditations really relaxing and easy to follow.

4 – boost your mood and wellbeing and get the windows open wide

I just love it when the house smells of fresh air – throwing open the windows and really letting the breeze blow through lifts the vibe of the house and freshens things up.

5 – try a little self care pampering with a face mask

Treat yourself to a lovely face mask, we really love the ones from LUSH especially the seaweed mask, it’s one of our favourites, really soothing and gorgeous applied straight from the fridge.

6 – read a new book

I always try to pick up a few new books for reading over the summer – easy, light novels, books I can dip in and out of whenever I get a few minutes. 

7 – grow your ownself care you can eat!

self care idea - grow your own vegetables - container vegetable garden growing tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, kale, chillies, salad, pumpkins and sprouts

We’ve managed to grow a little urban veggie garden over the last few weeks it’s now packed with tomato plants, pumpkins, radishes, salad leaves, herbs, kale, chillies and peppers and a whole lot more seeds have just been sewn in the little greenhouse – beetroots, purple sprouting broccoli and artichokes.

I’ve not really got room for a vegetable garden so I’m just squeezing things into pots and grow bags wherever they’ll fit and do you know what – it feels really good to just go pick things and eat them!

8 – try out some yoga – great for self confidence and wellbeing

I love to dip in and out of yoga – I’m not one to do it religiously but if I feel like doing a yoga session then I head over to YouTube to Yoga with Adriene

I really like her channel there’s loads of different yoga videos right from absolute beginners to just squeezing in 10 minutes when you’ve time.

9 – boost energy and stay hydrated

boosting self care by staying hydrated - lemon and lime infused water, lemon lime and basil water, how to make infused water, healthy water drinks, fruity water recipe, easy family food from daisies and pie

Keeping hydrated is really important to me – especially during the summer. And water doesn’t have to be boring to drink – I like to do fruit infused sparkling water, just so if feels more of a treat to sip. There’s 10 Fruit Infusion recipes here to try that are perfect for hot days.

10 – if social media stresses you take a social media break

If you find yourself constantly scrolling though Facebook, always checking your Twitter notifications, losing hours to Snapchat or Instagram…. or just lately TikTok… maybe have a day off.

Shut the apps and leave them alone for a day – see how you feel, maybe you’ll like the quieter, less annoying pace of the day – maybe it’ll reset how you feel about social media in general.

11 – self care with a friend and do coffee and a catch up

Well now as long as we follow the latest guidelines and meet up outdoors then coffee with a friend is a thing again! Get out into the garden and enjoy the company!

12 – start self care today with a bbq breakfast

BBQ breakfast in the garden is a good thing, little kids love the change of routine and food always tastes better outside – try BBQ bacon, sausages and stuffing them into crusty rolls with loads of brown sauce.

13 – relax with a candlelight bath

There’s something really relaxing and soothing about taking a long, hot bath with candles flickering around the edges, take a glass of something chilled and really enjoy yourself.

14 – evening in the garden

When the weather is nice there’s nothing better than an evening in the garden – little grazing plates and snacks, sparkling drinks, twinkling fairy lights bunting fluttering, fire pit blazing ready for s’mores. Perfect.

15 – little afternoon nap…

If I get the chance on a really warm day it feels just so good to take an afternoon nap, to lie on the bed, maybe read for a while and just drift off to sleep listening to the world go by. 

16 – sort out your summer clothes

Go through your wardrobe, try things on, what do you still love? What still looks and makes you feel good? Anything you no longer want – bundle up and donate to charity.

17 – go for a picnic

Picnics are just lovely – pack up gorgeous sandwiches, nibbles, treats and drinks and head off for a picnic – now be choosy about where you go, don’t go to places that will be rammed with people.

Or if you like just picnic in the garden, it’s still nice, you still get to lounge around outside all afternoon eating and there’s less people!

18 – be kind

Do something nice – doesn’t have to cost you anything – it can be as simple as telling someone how nice they look!

19 – buy yourself flowers

Florists will all be back working again very soon – help keep little local businesses afloat and buy yourself flowers. I mean… is there anything more lovely than a vase of Peonies? I think not!

20 – celebrate midsummer

You can celebrate Midsummer’s Night Eve, Midsummer’s Day, the sunrise, the sunset, whichever you like or all of them. Just have a nice time, make some gorgeous food, decorations and celebrate.

21 – dance in the rain

Summer in England… well you’re guaranteed it’ll rain. Get out there anyway and dance in it – especially if the rain comes after a long hot day it feels amazing!

22 – breakfast in bed

Treat yourself to breakfast in bed – try croissants, fresh berries with thick creamy yogurt, and pour yourself a coffee, load that tray up and take it back up to bed.

23 – date night

Even if you can’t go out-out, you can still put time into creating a little date night for you and your significant other – make the space nice either in the garden or kitchen.

String up fairy lights, light candles or lanterns, cook something nice and just spend a couple of hours together. 

If you have kids at home – just do them and early tea and film night in bed so you get time alone. 

And if cooking isn’t your thing… graze boards are super easy to throw together, or ya know… supermarket dine-in-at-home meal deals work well.

24 – take a walk

self care ideas - going for a walk - image of the bridge over the River Bollin at Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire

Just adding a 15-20 minute walk into my day really boosts my happiness. It’s great exercise and always makes me feel refreshed.

25 – midnight margaritas

margarita in salt rimmed glass, cocktail shaker and bottle of tequila to the side along with lime wedges

Ever since I watched Practical Magic….Midnight Margaritas have been my thing! There’s nothing more magical or decadent than a cheeky little dead of night cocktail. 

Don’t drink? No problem – enjoy the ritual of midnight cocktails but with an alcohol free Mojito instead.

26 – stargazing

self care ideas - stargazing to boost relaxation and sense of self - image shows dark starry sky
image – Andy Mallins Photography – Landscape Photography For Sale

If you’ve got a telescope then get out into the garden with the kids and spend time looking at the stars or catching a glimpse of a planet.

No telescope, no problem, just lay blankets, quilts and cushions on the floor in the garden, get comfy and watch the night sky – you might even spot a shooting star or two.

27 – pamper your feet

A little foot pampering is always a good thing, especially during summer when you’re wearing sandals. Grab yourself some pumice foot scrub to tackle any hard skin areas, deal with any cracked skin using a heel repair cream like Flexitol Heel Balm, this is great for tackling deep cracks.

And just to finish add a little slathering of cooling peppermint foot lotion for a lovely refreshing feel. Get our summer ready feet guide here (ad feature)

28 – Netflix binge

Ahhh I do love a Netflix binge! Pyjamas on, drink in hand, array of snacks and an evening of sprawling on the sofa with my feet up – perfect!

29 – declutter

A good declutter always makes me feel so much better – go through your belongings and get rid of the things that are weighing you down.

Get our Mission Declutter – one day – one thing!

30 – get something done!

If you’ve a little job or something you need to get done, something you’ve been putting off – whatever it is, just get it done! Do it, tick it off your list and happily move on.

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