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Self Care Ideas for March

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Boost your happiness with our rejuvenating self care ideas for March. Get ready to put yourself first with our tips and wellbeing boosters!

What Is Self Care?

Simply looking after yourself – putting time and effort into choosing to do activities that make you feel good and promote happiness and wellbeing. It feels good to feel good! 

What Are Self Care Activities?

They can literally be anything that makes you feel good – as simple as spending 5 minutes meditating or 10 minutes sat with your feet up and a cup of tea.

Maybe taking a 10 minute walk each day or even just making a to-do list or organising your day so it runs more smoothly – anything that promotes good feelings and wellbeing. 

Self Care Ideas

We LOVE our feel good monthly challenges – it just takes a little focus and effort each day to make sure I always squeeze in something that’s nice, makes me happy or is just good for my wellbeing. 

self care march checklist - full details of each step explained on the blogpost

My Self Care Ideas And Self Care Checklist For March

If you’re joining in our self care March, remember – you don’t have to do them all, just do what feels good for you. This is a nice thing to do – it shouldn’t cause you any stress or pressure.

1 – Self Care Ideas – Tech Free Day

Switch off the tech, put down your phone, turn off social media and have a tech-distraction free day. See how you feel at the end of it – Did you miss it?

Maybe it’ll kick start a reset of how you use technology in future. Or maybe you’ll miss it and be glad to get back online feeling refreshed!

2 – Feed The Birds – Feel Good Ideas

You can feed the birds even in the tiniest of gardens or balconies – scatter some seeds, add a bird feeder or even make your own. You could even mix up some homemade fat balls for the garden birds and tie them from the trees with pretty ribbons.

3 – Be Kind – Self Care Ideas

Okay, now being kind is something I like to squeeze into every day. Do something that’s kind – it doesn’t need to cost a penny. It can be as simple as complementing someone on their outfit, telling a friend how much you admire her attitude or something she’s achieved.

Help someone out with babysitting or just taking time to chat to that mum who is always stood on her own in the playground. Even if I don’t see anyone that day, I can still be kind to myself! Often you are your own harshest critic, and easing up on the judgement feels good!

4 – Take An Outdoor Walk 3-4 Times A Week – Wellbeing tips

Schedule in time to take an outdoor walk at least 3 or 4 times a week (everyday if you can manage it) again, start small, just 10-15 minutes will do. 

Not only does it help you hit your step-count but spending time out in nature and fresh air is good for you full stop! It counts as exercise, helps you get your 10000 steps in and gets you into healthy habits.

5 – Don’t Put It Off – Self Care Ideas

If you’ve got something you’ve been meaning to do, put keep popping back on the end of your to-do list… well GET IT DONE. It could be anything! Booking that appointment, fixing that tap, tidying that drawer that drives you crazy. Pick a day, and deal with it!

6 – Weekend Brunch

Treat yourself to a lazy weekend brunch. Either go out, or cook at home. Choose something you love, take your time and laze!

Image shows a wooden chopping board with a bagel sliced in half topped with smoked salmon, chives, capers, radish, onion and cucumber, there is also a bowl of cucumber,radish and onions as well as a plate with mini pickles and gherkins on, there is also two bagels and a sliced lemon next to the chopping board

7 – Line Dried Bedding – Feel Good Ideas

If you can, strip the beds, put them through the wash and dry them outdoors on the washing line. Nothing feels nicer than slipping into a freshly made bed with line-dried sheets. It’s absolutely underrated luxury!

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8 – Spring Clean

Scheduling in time to do a big top to bottom spring clean at home is definitely time well spent. Your home will feel lighter, fresher, cleaner and great to be in! Grab all our spring cleaning tips here, along with cleaning checklists to help you get the job done.

9 – Get Some Me Time – Wellbeing Booster

This one is often the hardest of all to do! But, it’s important to make time just to be. You don’t have to fill it with anything if you don’t want to, just sit down and be.

10 – Drink Water

This is a super quick win when it comes to self care and feeling good! If you swap out the soda and drink water instead it’s more hydrating, and means consuming less sugar, sweetener and chemicals.

11 – Climb A Hill – Feel Good Activities

Right, okay… this doesn’t have to be Everest! Just find a hill, and meander up it, take your time, enjoy the journey, and it feels good!

12 – Give Something Back

Again, you don’t need to over think this or stress. Just think about what you’re grateful for, things that have helped you and see if there’s anything you feel you could do to give-back. It could be donating to a charity shop or a food bank, donating time to a local project, anything you feel fits for you.

13 – Air The House

Well aired house just feels better! So clear the air and throw those windows open wide, let your home blow through with fresh air. (and it’s free!)

14 – Plant Some Vegetables

Okay, you can do this in even a tiny outdoor space, or sunny windowsill. You can plant up a proper veg patch, grow tomatoes in a little greenhouse or just plant up some herbs and salad on the kitchen windowsill. It feels GOOD!

empty illy coffee tin planted up with herbs in the kitchen

15 – Eat Your 5-A-Day

Try to eat a wide variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables. Squeeze in at least 5 portions a day. Aiming for 7-8 is better but getting your basic 5 is a great start. And it doesn’t have to be hard work. 

Add a portion of fruit to your breakfast, swap out a junky snack for veggie sticks and salsa, add vegetables to your plate at lunch and dinner. Serve fruit as desserts. And you’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes a habit. 

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16 – Take A Duvet Day

Sometimes it feels good to properly LAZE! To not even get out of your pyjamas, to lay in bed for hours, binging a box set or reading a book. Pick a day, and enjoy!

woman lying in IKEA iron bedstead, crisp grey and white striped bedding, fluffy mustard cushion and blue and white woollen cushion.

17 – Self Care March Idea – Try a 5 Minute Meditation

Squeezing in short meditations for me just means taking time to relax and reset. If I can fit one in after the chaos of the school run and before starting work I do. Otherwise I try to do one at lunchtime as a reset before my afternoon work schedule. I like to use meditations from the Mindful Movement on YouTube or the Apple Fitness+ meditations. Both feel good!

18 – Daily Gratitude – Wellbeing Activities

This one is great to fit into your day and as a mood booster. When you wake up , just spend a few minutes thinking of 3 things you’re truly grateful for. It really helps set a positive mindset for the day.

19 – Buy Yourself Flowers – Self Care Ideas

Be like Miley and buy yourself that bouquet of flowers – enjoy!

20 – Splash In the Puddles

Get your wellies on and splash through every puddle on your walk today! It feels good!

21 – Learn Something New

It is ALWAYS good to learn something new. Be it reading a book, visiting a museum or exhibition, or even being a tourist in your own town and learning something about its history.

22 – Dance – Self Care March

Open the windows wide, whack up the volume on the music and dance for 10 minutes. And if you do this 10 minutes a day – that’s over an hour of exercise a week! And I promise that will feel good!

23 – Pay It Forward

If you can and feel you want to, just pay that kindness forward – buy an extra coffee in the cafe, or just do a little something kind for someone who might be struggling.

24 – Digital Detox

Online life can get a little chaotic, take time to keep on top of things – clear out your inbox, file away online receipts or important statements. Neaten up your online filing. Just make your own life easier!

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self care march checklist - full details of each step explained on the blogpost

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