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Slow cooker winter warmers

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All this wind and rain has totally put me in the mood to slow cook delicious family dinners.

There’s nothing better than coming home, opening the door and being greeted by the smell of dinner just waiting ready for you.

We’ve rounded up our favourite slow cooker winter warmers, delicious, filling and recipes your family will love.

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Slow cooker brisket and gravy

Slow cooker brisket and gravy is fast becoming my favourite lazy Sunday lunch. It’s just a matter of throwing a few ingredients into the slow cooker on Sunday morning, then going off for the day and coming home to delicious melt in the mouth brisket and a rich onion gravy. Get the slow cooker brisket recipe here. 

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 Spaghetti bolognese 

A classic kids tea-time favourite and packed with ‘hidden’ vegetables. All you’ll need to do is toss it through hot spaghetti and eat! Get the slow cooker bolognese recipe here. 

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Lancashire hotpot

A proper Lancashire recipe, rich and tasty lamb and vegetable stew topped with sliced potatoes and served with pickled red cabbage and buttered crusty bread. Perfect for a cold day. Get the Lancashire hot pot recipe here. 

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Pendle Witch Stew

A totally delicious seasonal stew with lamb, fresh vegetables and herbs, slowly cooked in wine and rich stock, perfect in a baked potato – get the Pendle Witch stew recipe here. 

Delicious Pendle Witch lamb stew, slow cooker autumn recipes, things to make with lamb, Halloween dinner ideas
Vegetarian chilli

If you fancy giving meat a miss, cook up a pan of our delicious vegetarian chilli. Serve with rice, guacamole and some cheesy nachos. Get the vegetarian chilli recipe here. 

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BBQ mince with beans

This delicious (and very moreish) BBQ minced beef recipe is a fab autumn/winter meal. This easy family recipe has a rich warming depth of flavour but without the heat and fire of a spicy chilli. It’s one that’s a big hit with the kids, they love scooping up the rich meat sauce with tortilla crisps. Get the slow cooker BBQ mince recipe here. 

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Turkey keema

Deliciously light and healthy this easy slow cooker family meal will quickly become a favourite. Using turkey mince instead of the traditional lamb really lightens up this curry and gives it a fresh healthy taste. Get the turkey keema recipe here.

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Slow cooker comfort food, slow cooker recipes for cold days, total comfort food recipes that are easy and perfect for feeding a family

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Disclaimer – in a lot of our slow cooker recipes we use a crockpot where the inner pan in safe to use on the hob as well as in the crockpot. If you don’t have a hob safe slow cooker – then use a pan for any hob cooking then transfer to the slow cooker pan for slow cooking.