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Small space living solutions

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small conservatory with wicker sofa, grey side table with light box with "small space living" written on it. Small plants and lanterns dotted around the room

Many Brits feel they’re living in a home which is “too small” but it doesn’t have to be a big problem – with clever styling and furniture choices we’ve got lots of ways to make your small home feel a whole lot bigger.

A recent study commissioned by Furniture Village with ‘One Poll” surveyed 2000 adults who own or rent property and found over half of them wish to move to a bigger home because they feel they just don’t have enough space.

Main problems of small space living

  • No room for families to grow, with kids sharing bedrooms
  • Kitchens are too small – with no room for a kitchen table to fit everyone around
  • Bathroom and master bedroom are just too small
  • Not enough storage space
  • No room for socialising

Many people felt they had no chance of upsizing with 51% of people surveyed stating costs and stamp duty associated with a bigger property put them off.

Simple ways to make the most of small space living

Space Saving Furniture

Furniture Village have created the Small Homes Inspiration Hub filled with content on space-saving design tips and storage hacks.

With a huge range of clever, space-saving furniture from extendable tables to ottoman beds and sofas with built in storage.

Compact and dual-purpose furniture trends such as love seat sofas, floating shelves and extendable dining tables along with clever storage are great way of maximising the space you do have.

Colour Schemes for Small Space Living

Generally, choosing pale natural tones or off-white shades tends to give a more spacious feel to small rooms. Opt to paint skirting boards and doors in the same colour to add to the sense of space.

Maximise the light in small rooms

Maximising the light in small rooms all helps to make the room feel more airy and spacious. Keep window treatments pared back – use simple blinds or light weight curtains to allow light to flood in.

Add carefully placed mirrors to reflect light back into the room to give the impression of more space.

Declutter to make your home feel bigger

A cluttered room not only looks messy but it instantly fills the small space you do have. When living in a small space keeping clutter to a minimum is key to creating more space.

Investing in furniture which doubles as storage is a great solution and making sure everything you own has a place just makes it easier to keep rooms looking good and feeling great to be in .

You might find our decluttering guide useful to get you started on decluttering your home and keeping it clutter free.

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