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Snowflake Angel Craft

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This paper snowflake angel craft is so easy and fun to make! You’ll just need a few craft supplies to create this super cute paper angel craft. And kids will love making them too!

We just adore this little snowflake angel craft – delicate little paper snowflake wings and a whole lot of glitter – what’s not to love?

Snowflake Angel Christmas Craft

a child made paper craft snowflake angel with glitter dress and snowflake paper wings with a glitter crown

What you need to make snowflake angels

craft supplies for making Christmas snowflake angels - white A4 paper, scissors, gold glitter, lollipop sticks, coloured pencils and glue
  • Lollipop sticks 
  • Glue
  • Silver and gold glitter or glitter glue 
  • White A4 paper 
  • Coloured pencils 
  • Scissors

How to make Christmas snowflake angels

Step 1

white wooden table with sheets of white A4 paper - a circle drawn in pencil on the top sheet of A4 paper - pencil and scissors are alongside the circle.
  • Draw around a circular object (I use a saucer or small plate) with a pencil on white A4 paper.
  • Cut the circle out.
  • Fold this circle in half and glue it together with either PVA glue – making sure you glue the lollipop stick inside the angel dress.
  • Then decorate the angel dress with glitter – just spread with glue and sprinkle the glitter.
paper circle folded in half and glued onto al lollipop stick - paper semi circle decorated with glitter

Step 2

homemade paper snowflake decoration with all little shapes cut out of the paper, pair of scissors next to the snowflake.
  • Draw around a slightly smaller circular object with a pencil and cut it out.
  • Then fold the paper circle into half and half again (and again if not too small)
  • Then use scissors to cut out small shapes – then open up your paper circle to show your decorative paper snowflake, which you could just use as a window decoration if you liked.
  • Cut your paper snowflake in half and then ruffle up the halves a little – almost like a fan – glue them to the back the angel as wings.

Step 3

little hand drawn angel face with little eyes, mouth and nose and rosy red circle cheeks - ready to be stuck onto angel craft
  • Hand draw a little circle face, draw on eyes, nose, mouth and little rosy cheeks and colour in.
  • Cut the angel face out.

Step 4

little crescent of paper ready to sprinkle with glitter and stick onto angel craft as a halo
  • To create the angel halo cut out a small piece of paper (similar size to the head piece) in the shape of a thin crescent moon.
  • Paste it with glue and sprinkle on gold or silver glitter to make a shiny halo.

Step 5

a child made paper craft snowflake angel with glitter dress and snowflake paper wings with a glitter crown
  • Glue the angel halo slightly behind the angel head and then glue the angel head onto the body on the lollipop stick.

You should now have a super cute little paper snowflake angel – you can use this as a puppet, as part of stories, as a decoration or little Christmas tree topper.

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a child made paper craft snowflake angel with glitter dress and snowflake paper wings with a glitter crown. Text "Kids winter crafts - snowflake angel"

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