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Spring Cleaning Checklist – Room By Room

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How to spring clean and freshen every room in your house with our FREE and easy to follow spring cleaning checklist – deep clean room by room!

It’s finally SPRING! Time to put away winter, breathe fresh air and life into your home.

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a good clean, declutter an re-organize!

We’ve got all the cleaning tips, spring cleaning checklists and product recommendations you need to make spring cleaning your home an absolute breeze.

What To Do For Spring Cleaning?

Well I always start by getting the windows open wide. Let in loads of fresh air.

Pop the radio on loud and really get motivated to do the housework, it’ll make it all a lot easier!

Next I choose where to start. The correct cleaning sequence is usually to start at the top of the house and work downwards, this just makes most sense to me.

I print the spring cleaning checklist for the room I’m cleaning.

Gather together all the equipment I need and then really get stuck into decluttering, cleaning and re-organizing.

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Why Is Spring Cleaning So Important?

Well everyone has their own reasons for wanting to do a spring clean and why it’s important to them to do it.

For me I think it’s because partly it feels like I’m keeping up tradition, I remember my mum and grandma always did a big spring clean.

There was always a week of busy activity where the whole house was cleaned top to bottom and it always felt great afterwards.

Spring cleaning for me signifies putting away the winter and making plans to enjoy the spring and summer months.

Plus it gives me chance to take stock, look through my belongings, reassess what’s important and what I still want to keep.

I also just LOVE the feeling of my home when I’ve finished. It feels ready for spring and summer, it’s clean, well organised and just makes life run more smoothly and with less stress!

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What Month Is Spring Cleaning?

I like to do spring cleaning sometime during late March or early April. This just feels like the best time for me.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

We’ve got a spring cleaning checklist for every room in the house, you can get them below.

Our cleaning schedule details all the cleaning chores that need doing for each room to give it a thorough deep clean.

Spring Clean the Kitchen

spring cleaning checklist for the kitchen

Spring Clean the Living Room

free printable spring cleaning checklist for the living room with list of cleaning chores

Spring Clean the Bedroom

spring cleaning checklist for the bedroom - free printable

Spring Clean the Bathroom

spring cleaning checklist for the bathroom - free printable

Spring Clean the Hallway, Stairs and Landing

spring cleaning checklist for the hallway - free printable

Spring Clean the Playroom

free printable spring cleaning checklist for the playroom

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Cleaning Checklists

You can download all our spring cleaning printable checklist schedules here.

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Cleaning Products For Spring Cleaning

Here’s my spring cleaning products essentials!

  • Vacuum
  • Washing up liquid – for making up hot soapy water
  • Paper Towels – Kitchen Roll
  • Bin Bags – Boxes for Clutter

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Celebrate New Beginnings

Spring is a time to celebrate new beginnings. As you work through your home cleaning add a touch of spring to the areas you’ve completed.

Vases of daffodils or tulips, pots of spring bulbs or maybe a pastel spring door wreath or even baskets of decorated eggs. Just have fun with it, do what sparks joy!

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How To Keep On Top Of The Housework!

Once you’ve done a big spring clean it’s a great idea to keep on top of the cleaning chores and housework regularly.

Try our Easy Housework Routine.

A printable housework routine timetable split into daily, weekly and monthly chores

It breaks down housework into daily, weekly and monthly chores so that it’s manageable and achievable.

It’s nice to come home to a clean and organised house. It’s just so much more relaxing a less chaotic.

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