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Spring Craft for Kids – Finger Painted Blossom Trees

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A fun and easy spring craft for kids – finger painted blossom trees using foraged twigs

Spring craft for kids

Spring is a brilliant time for kids, so much to see and do. Better weather means more time outdoors and lots of lovely fresh inspiration for activities.

Finger painting blossom trees is a totally lovely art project for pre-school children. You get to start this activity outdoors on a nature walk, picking up sticks, looking at the spring flowers, bringing windfall blossom home to pop in jam jars. 

Things to do on a spring nature walk

  • forage for twigs and wind fall blossoms
  • jump in puddles 
  • spot bugs and creatures 
kids spring craft - blossom tree made from twigs with finger painted blossom in pink. Text overlay saying " kids spring crafts - finger painted blossom trees"

What you need for finger painted blossom trees 

  • a large sheet of blue paper
  • green tissue paper
  • glue
  • a collection of sticks
  • pink and white paint

How to make finger painted blossom trees

  • Start with a spring nature walk and gather some sticks.
  • Glue the sticks onto the paper to make a tree shape with branches – you may need to use sticky tape for this if the sticks are too heavy.
  • Spread glue all over the bottom of the picture, rip up green tissue paper and scrunch it up, stick to the bottom of the paper as the grass.
  • Finger paint blossoms all over the tree.
  • Leave the creation to dry.

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