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Squeezing in a bit of fitness at work!

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It’s a well known fact that sitting down all day isn’t good for you. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a whole host of health issues like becoming overweight and developing type 2 diabetes. We’re always told we need to move more, sit less, squeeze in exercise and even if you have a job like me, where you spend long periods of time sat down at a computer it’s still important to keep active. 

I’ve got three great ways of squeezing some activity into my working day and all those little bits during the day really add up. 

1. HIT 

This is great for when I’m working from home and I do try to do it every couple of hours – just a quick burst of HIT – I’m not great at it yet BUT I’m keeping at it and definitely feeling fitter. I just do 30 seconds of jumping jacks, 30 seconds of running on the spot – the type where you lift your knees really high, 30 seconds of hula hoop and 30 seconds of skipping. So I probably fit this in 3 times during my working day. Every little helps right? 

2. Lunchtime walk

I get outdoors at lunch time and go for a brisk 20 minute walk – this always makes me feel better, wakes me up, stops me feeling lethargic and as well as counting towards my daily exercise it does boost my mood for the afternoon. 

3. Yoga

This is a new one for me but I’ve been giving it a go, just use the furniture at work around you and follow the yoga tutorial on the video – this works great for me when working at home, if you’re in the office, you might want to rope in a few colleagues to do it with you too. 



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