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Style tips for a neat looking bathroom

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Style tips for a neat looking bathroom, family bathroom decor, homemaking tips

Our top tips and ideas to get a neat looking bathroom at home.

Colour scheme

The bathroom will look lighter, brighter and more spacious with a pale colour scheme, shades of grey, neutrals or soft white gives an instant tidy clean fresh feel.

Window dressing

Go for a window dressing that’s simple and fuss free. Keep the window space looking and feeling as open and light as possible.

Bathroom textiles

Be sure to coordinate all textiles, they don’t have to match, but they do need to coordinate, keep them in the same colour range, tones or colours that compliment one another. Keep your towels neatly folded, this will give the bathroom that boutique feel.

Bathroom storage

It’s important to make sure you have enough bathroom storage and that it’s the right shape/size for all your toiletries, hair care products and cosmetics. For that neat and tidy look opt for storage that once closed hides the contents. This will keep the bathroom surfaces uncluttered and easier to clean.

For products like cotton wool pads, keep them in storage jars or tubs with lids on.

Bath & body products

For a really tidy boutique feeling bathroom the bath and body products you have on display can be coordinated, buy from the same brand, treat yourself to pretty looking bottles of lotions – we love the gorgeous blue bottles from Neals Yard.

Bathroom cleaning routine

Get yourself into a routine of regularly cleaning the bathroom, after each use, clean the bath and air the bathroom. Every morning do a quick blitz clean – wipe and swipe around the toilet and sink. Once a week do a thorough deep clean. You can get our bathroom cleaning tips here. Just a few minutes of cleaning every day really makes sure your bathroom stays looking and feeling good.

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