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Salad Recipes – delicious, fresh and healthy salad recipes you’ll just LOVE. Choose from our main course dishes, sides, lunchbox recipes and more. 

Sweet Potato And Feta Salad

A scrumptious Sweet Potato And Feta Salad that’s incredibly easy to prepare and tastes fantastic. Excellent for when you’re craving healthy, delicious food! Our delicious feta and sweet potato salad recipe is a tasty combo of roasted sweet potatoes, peppers and red onions. Mixed together with juicy cherry tomatoes, lightly spiced Puy lentils and tangy …

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Tricolore Salad

Tricolore Salad is a beautiful Italian salad with juicy tomatoes, avocado, creamy mozzarella and fresh basil. Tricolore salad or the Italian way, Insalata Tricolore is a beautiful fresh salad that’s just bursting with sunshine flavours! There’s something simply delicious about the combination of plump, juicy, sweet tomatoes with slices of creamy mozzarella. And then to …

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