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Wellness ideas and self care activities to boost happiness and mood. Join in with our Monthly Feel Good challenges to kickstart your wellbeing and wellness journey. 

Hand Sanitiser from Goodmist

Advertisement Feature for Goodmist Hand Sanitiser Goodmist hand sanitiser – looks good, feels nice, smells lovely and is kind and gentle on your skin Goodmist hand sanitisers are made and bottled in Scotland. They’ve been specially developed to be super convenient and fit with your lifestyle. If like me you really don’t like the strong …

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Self care ideas and activities to do in June

Self care activities and ideas for June to help boost my happiness and sense of wellbeing. What are self care ideas and activities? Simply looking after yourself – putting time and effort into choosing to do activities that make you feel good and promote happiness and wellbeing. It feels good to feel good!  I think …

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