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Teenage Skin Care Tips that I Swear By!

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I swear by these teenage skin care tips to reduce breakouts and keep my skin looking healthy and they really do work for me, which is why I’m sharing them! 

How to stop getting spots

Okay, I struggle with my skin sometimes, especially with breakouts due to stress, hormones and just general day to day life.

But… by trying loads of different tips, products and ideas I’ve found some skincare tips that really do work and make a difference to my skin.

So I’m sharing the good ones – the ones that help my skin to look healthy!

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Teenage skin care tips

Eating Habits for Clear Skin

Boring I know, but IMPORTANT.

As I’m your typical teenager I can’t help but eat junk food sometimes, which is probably not a great habit but I’ve improved this massively over the last few months, which has improved my skin. Is there a link? I’m thinking YES! 

So I now make a huge effort not to eat crisps/chocolate/sweets as a day to day thing – but save them more as infrequent treats.  I mean that stuff is bad for you anyway – it’s not filling and it makes my skin bad.

So now when I’m craving sweet foods I tend to eat fruit as it’s better for you.  However, I’ve not cut out junk altogether as that’s literally impossible for me! But I tend to eat a healthy balanced diet 90% of the time and keep the junk to a minimum rather than a daily habit. 

Drink Water To Help Skin

Skip the juices and fizzy drinks they’re full of sugar and various other chemicals like sweetness and preservatives – if I’m thirsty I just drink water!

Drinking water helps flush toxins out your body it’s also extremely important in keeping you hydrated and helps your skin massively. 

If plain old water is too dull for you try fruit infused water – these are lovely and you can flavour them up loads of ways.

Grab my favourite 10 fruit water recipes here. 

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I can’t express how important sleep is for your day to day life and for your skin.

Firstly, a full nights sleep leaves you feeling ready for the day rather than sluggish and unbothered, sleep also helps reduce those eye bags under your eyes and it gives you more energy therefore you won’t feel the need to  fill your day with caffeine and sugary foods.

Clean bedding and changing your bedding regularly is also very good for your skin as there is not a build up of dirt and oil continuously going on your face every night. Plus fresh bedding just feels soooooo good to sleep in! 

Wash your hair to help prevent spot breakouts

Washing my hair regularly works for me, because  if I’ve got greasy hair then the oils can also rub off onto my skin making it worse!

I sometimes like to use a fresh lemon hair rinse too as it makes my hair feel great! Grab the lemon hair rinse instructions here. 

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Skin Care Products I Use

I’ll link to the skincare products that I use to help me maintain healthy skin.

Face Wash 

First up L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Foam Wash Green it’s usually around £5.99 but it does last about a month so it’s good value. 

This is face wash is my absolute fave! It smells amazing and works wonders for my skin, until now I couldn’t find a good face wash that really suited my skin, however this is perfect. 

You can get this in like Superdrug, Boots and the big supermarkets etc. 


I use Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Lotion.

This is probably an odd product to use in your daily skincare routine, however, I have rather oily skin so only moisturise my eyelids and below my eyes or in certain places where I may occasionally get dry skin. So I’m not slapping this all over my face daily – I use it sparingly and only when my skin feels dry.

After sun has a lovely cooling effect and it isn’t oily it doesn’t feel greasy on my skin therefore I love it. This is also a great product to have in anyway as it’s lovely when you use it on the rest of your body too – leave skin feeling really smooth. 

You can pick this up for around £5-8 at Superdrug, Boots and most supermarkets. 

How to get rid of spots fast!

Apple Cider Vinegar – for spots

I just LOVE apple cider vinegar and it’s something we always have in at home because it’s just SO good for you! 

If I’ve got a spot that looks like it’s going to be HUGE then I dab neat apple cider vinegar onto it with a cotton bud. 

If I’ve got a few spots – like at around the time I’m on my period then I use diluted apple cider vinegar to wash my face with – it’s naturally antibacterial and anti fungal, I think it really works well for me. 

You can find apple cider vinegar at Boots, Holland and Barrett, health food shops or supermarkets. The organic vinegar is the best one to get – it’s usually around £3-4 for about 750ml and it lasts AGES, like months! 

Be careful using it though – it has a really strong vinegary smell and it might make your skin burn or sting if not diluted so just experiment yourself and see what works for you – an obviously keep it away from your eyes! 

Here’s more ways to use apple cider vinegar from Healthline

These are just a few of my skincare tips for healthy skin – I hope you find them helpful! You might also LOVE my beach hair care routine! 

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