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The Best Homemade Water Toys and Games for Kids

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BRILLIANT homemade water toys for kids! 10 Super easy water toys and games that you can make at home.

If your kids are like mine the minute the sun shines things just aren’t fun unless they involve water!

We’ve collected together the BEST homemade water toys and games that are just brilliant for keeping the kids occupied and errr…. wet probably! 

photo collage of children with homemade water toys playing in the garden. Text overlay saying "the best homemade water toys"

Spray Bottle 

Totally the easiest homemade water toy ever! Choose an empty spray bottle – clean it out really, really well (I usually use an empty spray bottle from a non-toxic cleaner) then fill with water and spray away! Best bit of this spray bottle is if you spray into the sunlight it makes rainbows, and who doesn’t love a rainbow?

small boy spraying a homemade water gun in the garden

Painting with Water

There’s nothing easier than painting with water – it’s fun, creative, super quick to set up and free! We are loving this idea from Tippy Tups! 

young girl sat in the garden paining with water and paintbrushes onto the paving stones

Looks like we’re not the only one – Beauties and the Bibs love a bit of water painting too! 

little girl paining on the paving stones with water and paintbrushes

DIY Sponge Waterbombs

homemade sponge water bombs in a bucket. Text overlay saying water bombs

Fancy something a bit more energetic and a lot more soaking wet? Try these fab homemade water bombs from Messy Little Monsters – these look just so fun! 

Mud Kitchen 

toddler playing with mud kitchen

And what could be better than playing with water? Mixing it with mud that’s what! Grab all the Mud Kitchen ideas over on New Mummy Blog.

Water Bucket & Empty Containers 

Over at Living with a Jude and Captain Bobcat – they love to just play with a crate of water and lots of different empty containers – for pouring and measuring, hours of fun for zero effort and money. This is a big favourite here too! 

Old School – Empty Washing Up Bottles 

Over at My Bump to Baby they like a little old school empty washing up liquid bottle water shooter and who can blame them – loads of fun and super cheap to play. 

Foil River 

tin foil river made of cardboard and tin foil with a boat and water floating down it

How about getting really creative with water play and making up a foil river, you could go as simple or complex as you like and this is sure to keep the kids busy for hours. We can’t wait to give this one a try. Grab the full instructions over on Babyfoote.

Water Target Shot

small boy in the garden shooting water pistol at target shots on a brick wall

We really like this simple water pistol target shot idea from Mummy Est. 2014. Easy to set up and great for a little competitive water spraying! 

Flower sensory soup 

plastic tray filled with water and flowers with a little boy and girl playing

And for something a little more relaxed, flowery sensory soup from Crafts On Sea is definitely the way to go. 

Bottles with holes in 

Over at My Everything Beautiful they like to fill plastic bottles with holes and squeeze the water out at each other – messy, wet and loads of fun! 

Tuff Tray Dino Water Play 

tuff tray set up as a watery dino play scene with small boy playing

Emma Reed set up this gorgeous Dino Playscape – what’s not to love? Dinosaurs, water, sand, *stuff* to mess with, we can see this getting hours of play. 

Flower ice bowl 

ice bowl filled with rose petals

And for something totally chilled out – try making these beautiful floral ice bowls from Craft with Cartwright. 

Water Safety – always supervise children when they are playing with water 

photo collage of children with homemade water toys playing in the garden. Text overlay saying "the best homemade water toys"

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