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The Secret to a Sparkling Kitchen in Just 15 Minutes

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Keep your kitchen looking a feeling clean and fresh with just 15 minutes of effort! 

As ever, before you make a start, get the windows open wide,  put on your favourite music, I like to play my happy playlist, it gets me motivated and moving.  Gather your cleaning products and then set a timer for 15 minutes. 

Clear off work surfaces

Stack dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher ready to be washed. Throw out any rubbish, and put away clutter, even if you just throw it in a clutter basket for moving later. 

Take our rubbish and recycling

Empty the bins and take out empty cans and packets for recycling. 

Clean the work surfaces

Spray the work surfaces with kitchen cleaner, I tend to use Dettol surface cleaner when I’m doing a quick kitchen clean and wipe down with kitchen roll. 

Clean the sink and draining board

Wash any pots and then clear off the sink, spray with cleaner and rinse clean. 

Vacuum the floor

Run the vacuum over the kitchen floor quickly.  

Extra kitchen cleaning jobs if you’ve time….

Wipe down the fridge handle with antibacterial spray.

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