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The thing about flasks…

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The thing about flasks is they just scream wholesome, they want you to fill them with homemade autumn soup. They want you to pack them in a rucksack and take them on a day out. They want you to climb up hills, run through forests and scramble over sand dunes to sit on windswept autumn beaches.

They want you to take the kids on Enid Blyton style days out with sandwiches wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string, they want you to be rosy cheeked and glowing from all that fresh autumn air!

Here’s a few of my most favourite flasks

Vintage style flasks from White Shore, Vintage Flasks, Autumn soup recipes, world map flask, doily print flask, rusty the fox flask, autumn picnics, daisies and pie



This delicious little selection are available online from White Shore

1. Rusty the Fox flask

2. Blue doily decorated flask

3. World map flask.

All the flasks are 350ml – perfect for holding a nice portion of warming soup, a little cup for pouring it into making it ideal for dipping your sandwiches in. These flasks sing happy day out to me!

And if you like your flask a little more serious and your spoon neatly tucked away inside the lid then you’ll just love the vintage style Thermos food flask available from The Range. I love these food flasks – these are the ones I use for packed lunches during the week – not only are they fab for thick robust soups but great for stew, curries and pasta and just who doesn’t like a little folding spoon?!

Vintage ivy bamboo travel coffee cup from dotcomgiftshop, autumn flasks, stylish flasks, daisies and pie I’m also loving the Vintage Ivy Bamboo Travel Coffee Cup from DotComGiftShop. Yes you could put your coffee in it for a nice early morning dog walk or you could fill it with delicious soup!

Now you’re all geared up with stylish flasks may we suggest soup?!

How about this lovely warming roast butternut squash soup or the easiest root vegetable soup. Deliciously autumnal.






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italian roast beef stew with vegetable and black olives served in a wooden bowl with crusty bread alongside for dipping
Italian style beef stew
butternut squash cake with orange cream cheese frosting on a glass cake stand with a Joesph Joseph knife
Squash cake with cream cheese frosting
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