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Things To Do In Autumn

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Looking for things to do in Autumn – we’ve got an amazing autumn bucket list that’s bursting with autumn gorgeousness to help you make the most of the season.

Autumn is my favourite season – I LOVE every second of it, so always make an effort to put together a fall bucket list filled with autumn activities to make sure I enjoy it as much as possible.

And do you know what? I kinda think a fall bucket list is really good for my wellbeing – it prompts me to think and do nice things – and – nice things make me happy.

Our fall bucket list is made up with adults in mind – and is packed with things to do in autumn UK style.

Kids can enjoy some of these autumn activities with you too, and you’ll end up making some great seasonal memories together.

four stags lying under a beach tree in autumn with autumn leaves strewn on the ground

Autumn Activities – Go Apple Picking

apples lined up on a windowsill, quarry bank mill grounds, autumn vibe

Nothing says autumn quite like beautiful red apples picked straight from the tree.

You can search for an apple picking orchard near you over on the Pick Your Own Farms website. This is one of the loveliest autumn activities.

Things To Do In Autumn – Bake A Pie

Autumn brings a chill to the air and makes me hungry for comfort food – baking a pie from scratch is a great autumn activity.

Why not go for the whole pie baking experience and visit a local farm shop for fresh seasonal produce to fill your pie with. Definitely one for the fall bucket list.

Fall Activities – Stargazing

Plan an evening of snuggling up in the garden wrapped in woollen blankets, sipping hot chocolate as you stargaze and search out shooting stars.

The Draconids and Orionids meteor showers both happen throughout October – find out more from Earth Sky on the best times and places to view them. This is a great fall activity.

Things To Do In Autumn – Make Toffee Apples

red toffee apples, toffee apple recipe, homemade toffee apple, Halloween recipe

It simply wouldn’t be autumn without a rosy red sticky toffee apple.

We always used to make these as kids and now I make them with my kids too.

This is one of the autumn activities it’s fun to do with the kids. Get the toffee apple recipe here.

Fall Activities – Hygge Your Home

Hygge is a Danish concept – it basically involves creating an environment around you that encourages and envelopes you in a warm, content, cosiness, one that makes you just feel happy and connected.

Autumn ideas to try are adding in little touches at home can really help the hygge to flow. Try…

  • Bringing the outdoors in – display interesting looking twigs, simply decorated in a vase. Make autumn nature garlands, or just add a little autumn nature centrepiece to your table.
  • Light candles and dim the lights for a cosy glow.
  • Add soft blankets and comfortable cushions – leave slippers by the door for tired feet to slip into as they arrive home.
  • Cook warming comfort food, from scratch and share them with friends and family.
  • Sip warming drinks – hot chocolates, pumpkin spiced latte, mulled wine.

Things To Do In Autumn – Seasonal Picnic

Choose a fresh sunny day and head out for an autumn picnic – soak up nature and the changing seasons as you take time out to relax and enjoy some good food and company.

Definitely on of my favourite autumn ideas.

When doing fall picnics I tend to take flasks of soup, rustic bread and delicious cakes. Get our delicious vegetarian soup recipes here – they’re perfect for fall.

You might also love our Autumn cheese board idea!

Fall Activities – Have A Bonfire

The smell of woodsmoke drifting through the air is one of the most evocative autumn memories – when you’re tidying up the garden ready for the winter – I always like to have a little bonfire.

Or even just put on the wood burner and take time out to enjoy watching the flames flicker.

You could always tie a bonfire in with Guy Fawkes night and go to a firework display or community bonfire party. This is always one of my favourite autumn activities.

Things To Do In Autumn Make A Fall Lantern

You can make a lovely atmospheric fall lantern or luminary with just an old glass jam jar, some foraged fallen leaves, some glue and a tea light candle (or battery tea light if you prefer no-flame)

Just paste glue onto the outside of the jam jar, stick on the leaves, then when you light up the candle the autumn leaves glow lovely colours. Definitely one for the fall bucket list.

Autumn Activities – Organise Your Wardrobe

One of the BEST parts of autumn is the clothes! Layers of lovely warm jumpers, scarves, boots with dresses – fall is just the best time of year.

It’s one of the nicest autumn ideas to take a few hours to unpack and organise your autumn clothes ready for the season ahead.

Things To Do In Fall – Visit A Pumpkin Patch And Carve Jack O’Lanterns

Oh pumpkin carving is most definitely one of the autumn activities not to miss from the fall bucket list!

pumpkin patch

When Halloween is just days away head off to the local pumpkin patch and choose a lovely pumpkin for carving into a Halloween lantern.

happy pumpkin carving

Autumn Activities – Walk Through The Woods

We’re super lucky in Britain there’s loads of woodland to visit and walk through – check out the Woodland Trust to find a woodland walk near you.

Visiting the woods in fall is just the best time – the trees will be amazing colours, the leaves crunchy to walk through and the air crisp.

Get outdoors and have some fun and healthy exercise. You’ll really want to tick this one off the fall bucket list.

Things To Do In Autumn – Make Pumpkin Soup

white wooden table with panful of homemade smoky pumpkin soup, bowl of pumpkin soup topped with a swirl of yogurt and sprinkling of smoked paprika

If you enjoy autumn activities that involve food then there’s nothing better in fall than a bowl of homemade smoky pumpkin soup – so simple and nutritious – perfect for warming up with after a woodland walk.

Get the pumpkin soup recipe here. (ad feature recipe) and if pumpkin isn’t your thing, try our warming carrot and coriander soup recipe here.

Autumn Activities – Drink Warm Spiced Apple Cider

mulled cider with oranges and spices floating in the pan, next to the pan is two enamel mugs filled with cider with apple star shapes floating on top. Pan and cups are nestled amongst fallen orange leaves

Snuggle up by the fire and sip a cup of warm apple cider – don’t drink alcohol? Not a problem just substitute the cider with a good quality apple juice.

Get the mulled cider recipe here. It’s a beautiful fall activity.

Things To Do In Fall – Have A Cosy Night In

Pick out a couple of great films, stock up on the snacks and drinks and have a cosy night in watching films in your PJs. This is one of my most favourite autumn activities.

Autumn Activities – Make Apple Candles

Apple candles are a lovely fall dinner table centrepiece – just carve out the apple centre making enough room for a tea light candle and then sit the apples in a shallow bowl so they don’t roll once the candles are lit.

Things To Do In Autumn – Bat Watching

Early fall is still great for spotting bats – even around urban areas – just sit out at dusk or just past and watch for them flitting between building. Grab our bat watching guide here.

Many National Trust properties and parks also run bat watching walks throughout the autumn – get the details over on the National Trust website.

Autumn Activities – Simmer Up Some Stove Top Autumn Scent

Ingredients for autumn scented stove top freshener, how to make stove top freshener, homemaking tips

A completely natural way to fill your house with the scent of autumn is to simmer up a scented stove top freshener. You can get the autumn simmer pot ingredients and instructions here.

Enjoy the fall y’all

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